Thursday, July 2, 2009

My candle spell didn't work: WHY?

I think the most common complaint is that a spell didn’t work and I hear it most often from people purchasing a 7 knobs candle. Here’s the deal. You are supposed to burn one knob per day for seven days. Each day you carve your desire into the appropriately colored candle’s knob and anoint it with the appropriate oil in the direction needed to bring something in or throw something out. Then you light it and begin your chant. You don’t light and take off for parts unknown as then the Universe is likely to say something like: :”What??? I’m supposed to do all the work for a candle knob?”
Before you can grab a thought form and hook your knob energy into it and wander off, you are going to have spend a lot of years learning and creating your magickal energy and thought forms. It is not happening over night. You don’t lean to play a piano over night and you don’t learn to do spells over night. It takes practice, practice, practice!
I remember embroidering a sigil onto a pouch and sewing it up to get my mortgage payment. It took me 3 hours to complete of constant sewing and chanting. I got my mortgage payment that evening but it would not have arrived had I written something on the cloth, glued it together and thrown it on the altar. I then shared the pouch and it may still be wandering around somewhere. It brought each person who was gifted it some money they needed. This was because they tapped into my thought form energy, fed it and harvested some of it.
I helped create a cute little thought form to bring money and a chant to access it, a year ago. It never fails and you can find in on under a Simple Money Spell and it costs less than 10 dollars to gain access to the spell and the thought form. Yes, I do charge for my work. I have spent months putting energy into that little thought form and will be using it this week, again! I probably push some energy into it every day.
I also sell the 7 knob candles in the shop and on the web at but keep in mind, they require work. You will need to set aside at least a half an hour a day for seven day during which you are going to have to maintain your focus on your desire. You can move a way from the candle because it takes a couple of hours to burn the knob down but you need to keep returning and reinforcing the “spell” with your chant. That’s why simple and short chants are always the best. When you extinguish the flame and I never blow a candle out, you should thank the Universe for its help and tell it you will return tomorrow at the same time. When the candle finishes, you release the energy and properly dispose of the wax. If I am trying to attract something, I always bury my wax in a fertile place, sometimes in a pot of flowers. If I am getting rid of something, I have a fast flowing canal out back and there is always the garbage dump.

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