Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Color Green and Magic

The Color Green and Spells

Green is a funny color to work with in spells and I don’t mean Ha Ha! Of all the colors, each culture seems have a differing definition when it comes to green. It is not surprising that in most ‘primitive’ cultures green means growth as they tend be dependent on agriculture and even if they are a hunting culture, the animals they hunt for food depend on plants. Plants are green. Growing plants are healthy.
However, the European Christian culture touts man’s dominion over nature and thus nature is not celebrated. Green is totally absent from religious themes. Check out their colors in churches, uniforms and what have you, if you don’t believe me. Check out the European flags and then go to the African and South American flags. Do you notice a color theme going on there?
In the White/ European/Christian culture green is more likely to be expressed as green around the gills, green with envy, green eyed monster, green camouflage or turning green when you are sick. Green is not a good thing in that culture. Oddly enough, our money was green, however, in most European countries money is not green.
What does this have to do with spells? Green is used for money spells pretty universally. Green is growth, but not here. So if your concept of green is more sickly, using it for a money spell is not going to have a good effect on your finances. Think about it. Here you are standing in front of the display of green candles picking one out for your big money spell. Are you thinking: “Wow, that looks vibrant and growing!” or “Geez, that’s the color I turned last time I had food poisoning,”?
In most South American money spells, the candle is half green (to hold and grow money) on the bottom and half gold (to attract the money) on the top. Gold is another color associated with riches and it is pretty universal. Now if your mind set is strictly European, using that candle will get you the money but you won’t be able to hold on it. Who wants to hold on nausea?
In Pagan traditions, the candles are half green and half black. The black draws in and the green signifies money. They sell like, well, they don’t sell because for the most part, people just can’t get them to work. Once again, it’s the European mindset against green.
Green is also used in African and South American traditions for healing. Green is vibrant, growing, healing herbs, food, and the necessity of life. Over here, it is hugging the porcelain. Once again, using green for a healing spell isn’t going to work if you thinking a person would have to be close to death with that color.
It took me a long time to figure out what was wrong with green and my Anglo clients. You see, I was raised for part of my life in South America and to me, green is good. Part of my life was on a farm and green was good. Money is green and it is good. I have no trouble with green so what was everyone else’s problem? Well, as usual, they just didn’t see the Universe the way I do.
Oddly enough, the one time green was popular as a color in this country is was the sickest, most depressing green in the universe: olive drab green. Remember the olive drab green and gold era? Nah, you’re probably too young. Do you also remember it was an era of new prosperity and growth? Even with the connotations, the two colors won. Today, we use dark green for recycling, green technology and all things good. Why aren’t we using a light, vibrant green? Beats me!
So next time you are standing in front of that candle display picking out a candle for your spell, stop and think before you reach; “What does this color mean to me? How does it make me feel?” I think you will find your spell work becomes a lot more successful.

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