Thursday, October 15, 2009

Forecast and Faery Finder for 10/16/09

Forecast and Faery Finder
By Janice Scott-Reeder and the Bitwit

Message from the Microwits: I am Boogaboo. Fear me! Pet me! NOW!

Message from the Mamma: I made the mistake of sitting down and allowing my hand to dangle freely. You just don’t do that in this house. Suddenly, I saw Boogaboo charging me. The little black head snapped into my hand, the nose pushing furiously at my fingers. I will pet him. There is no question. So, I picked him up and he went totally limp as only a kitten can do. Strokes elicited a full body purr as we communed for five minutes until he got bored and I got back to work. Now I type with Napoleon at my side, which is far better than draped across my wrists. A limp kitten is mass of love. A limp cat is just a mass, sheer weight.

According to Llewellyn’s Spell-a-Day Almanac, today’s color is purple and the incense is vanilla. Now that’s a combo I can really get behind: my favorites.


Deck: Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea.

Today’s Tarot Card is the Fool: emanation. In the Kabala, the Fool is the end of the journey not the start as in other Tarot Decks. We start with the physical Universe at our fingertips and end with the knowledge of faith as the real manifestation of the Universe. This card is where we learn that all energy manifests in and via energy. The solidity of the Universe gives way to the Wizard pulling the levers behind the curtain and the Wizard is us. You learn you are part of an energy net not a separate being. We are all manifestations of the One that is the Universe. Only this knowledge can free you.

Astrological Source: Llewellyn’s 2007 Daily Planetary Guide.
The Moon enters Libra at 6:29 AM EDT ushering in a time of beautification and socializing. Mars enters Leo at 11:32 AM EDT, where is he is happy being an egotistical little war monger.
For the next week, the Libra Sun brings excellent psychic communications from beyond the veil of time but unfortunately, a bit too much information can become public. If you plan a reading make certain you go ALONE!
This morning there is so much energy and stuff at home that you may be late to work trying to get things done. That will not sit well if you want to impress higher ups with your new ideas. Make no mistake about it, a pretty presentation will not make up for lacking in other areas. The only good thing is any meeting will tend to dissolve into a social event. The bad thing is you can’t get anything done this morning unless you work totally alone. The rest of the day and night is romantic and just a tad fuzzy. Tomorrow you may wonder what you did.

Deck: Healing with the Fairies.
The Faeries say:
Rising above your problems is hard when they have a ball and chain wrapped around your ankles. Seek help.

Today’s Cat Comfort Card is :
Aristocat: “Classy and understated, you’ll attract many admirers.”

Deck: The Fairies’ Oracle by Brian Froud & Jessica MacBeth
Today’s Faery Finder is on the lookout for:
Sylvanius loves Halloween almost as much as a masquerade ball. You see, he is the keeper of the mask of truth. Right off your logic said, “Truth wears a mask???? Shouldn’t truth be bare faced?” Yes and no. Most of the time, we don’t know the truth about ourselves and we wander around trying to figure out who and what we are. By putting on a mask or an another ego personality, we discover who we are not and in that process, who we are. You never know what you will do until someone asks you to do it. When being you becomes tiring it is because you are not being you. Recently someone said that people say they want an honest relationship but they really want you to lie to them. Not really folks. Truth can be wonderful or it can be used to hurt other people. So the question you have to ask yourself is whether you are being honest with someone or just plain trying to hurt them. I have seen fairness used the same way. Are you being fair or trying to find an excuse to hurt someone?

Today’s Lo Shu Number is 9 and the Element is wood. The Rat finds conflict today but the Dragon and Snake have ease. Today is an auspicious day for haircuts but NOT for writing, gambling or births.

Today’s Message from the Universe is: “I now face people and situations with courage.
I express myself freely and all conflicts are resolved in a balanced and open way for the mutual benefit of everyone.
I proclaim and manifest the power of my Higher Self with love, understanding and respect for others and for myself.” Annie Marquier creating a world of peace one thought at a time.


Ever have one of those days when you are just sleepy and tired for no good reason. That is today. At least it is a good TV night and I can get Fringe and Bones, somewhat, with an antennae. Tonight fish is on the menu followed by screaming cats or maybe preceded.
I just discovered Napoleon will eat blueberry yogurt. I thought only the vanilla appealed to him but he licked my little cup of Activia clean. Another food that is not safe from him.
Now for the piece of information small business owners and maybe parents need to know. Most of us go to tax services like HR Block to get our taxes done because we can’t afford an accountant. HR has been doing my taxes for over 30 years and you know I hate to change something that works. The IRS just got me for 12.00 of interest on my savings account. At least that’s what Bank of America reported to them. I don’t think I ever had that much money in the savings’ account and I never got a statement from them, thus I never filed it. Well….it’s was on the web page. I guess we have to search every web page checking to make certain someone didn’t give us money or at least, say they did. Anyway, I am not adverse to paying tax on the 12.00 but here’s the thing. You are charged by the form. It costs between 25.00 and 50.00 a form. So for a form to declare the 60 cents in interest I will make this year, I will pay at least 25.00 and goddess help you if someone uses the wrong form. Two years ago that stupid phone psychic service, that doesn’t seem to be in business anymore, filed 20.00 worth of earnings on the wrong form and it cost me 49.00 to first correct their mistake and then file the right form. So, it’s too late now, but you might want to close any small savings’ accounts. At 2% interest from the bank, you would have to have 1,750 in savings to break even on the filing. Notice I said BREAK EVEN. My sock is looking good. Doing my own taxes is almost looking good…..but HR had to straighten this out for me and they did a great job, so is it worth it. I couldn’t make heads or tails of the 8 page letter they sent me. Neither could HR by the way because they had a mistake in it. The totals didn’t carry through the entire document.
I hate dieting. George eats everything in the Universe and gains no weight. I look at food and gain. Today I have eaten on little cup of Activia yogurt and a hand full of nuts. Dinner is a filet of tilapia, summer squash and a Romaine and tomato salad. All night my stomach wanted a bowl of cereal and I said no. It was louder. There’s got be an easier way than starvation for those of us with no metabolism.

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