Sunday, October 11, 2009

Forecast for 10/12/09



I am so tired I can barely type. Let’s just say getting to the air condition was more trouble than I thought it would be. I discovered Lady Jayne’s cache of cat toys which Napoleon has claimed. Fur will fly later tonight. I found part of Napoleon’s stash of my jewelry and most of my set of runes he took. Watching him closely I have discovered if he can lift it with one paw and carry it in his mouth, he will take it. He just took off with a small spool of ribbon.
Part of my exhaustion is rearranging my painting supplies. Eventually I will be able to get to them and start painting again but right now they are safe from cats and me. I may never lift my arms over my head again or at least until my muscles stop aching.

So, tonight I am just doing astrology because I cannot get my magick box and my cards without possibly killing myself. I still don't have the new air conditioner installed and the old one is still grinding like a meat grinder on high and I may be more deaf by morning, too, aside from being broiled to well done.

Fortunately I have two astrological date books.

Monday is Columbus Day.

The Moon enters Leo at 1:03 AM EDT. Ceres enters Scorpio at 2:29 PM EDT. Jupiter goes direct at 9:34 PM PDT..yes, Pacific time. What this mean is an old adage about Pride arriving right before the fall. If you have been really prideful and hurtful toward those who have offered you their friendship and/or hearts, you are about to reap your reward by losing someone you really want. In other words, turn about will be fair play. On the other hand, if you are loving and generous, you real soul mate, instead of all the pretenders from previous years, may well show up this year. It could be a very merry holiday season, particularly for the water signs.
For the nest couple of weeks, with the support of family you will find a way around the limitations that have plagued you.
This morning brings really good news and it might be in a pretty envelope. Take some me time and relax today.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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