Thursday, September 9, 2010

And you thought it was just "Obamacare"

I just got this in an email from
People, the Republicans are not just talking about repealing the new insurance laws but they are talking about gutting Social Security. Do you have any idea how many Americans, including George and I, need those benefits that we spent our lives paying into? If they raise the retirement age, that raises the age for Medicare and I will be uninsured for over 12 years. For me, that is a death sentence. There is no way I can afford the medications that keep me alive or the doctor visits. As it is, my medication pretty much equals George's potential SS check now, WITH INSURANCE.

"We're just 54 days away from Election Day. And as scary as it sounds, this election could determine the future of Social Security.

Congress could vote on cuts to Social Security benefits as soon as December. And with conservatives from both parties lining up to support cuts, we need to get representatives who oppose cuts on the record. If Congress hears from voters who want a commitment to protect Social Security, they'll see that benefit cuts have to be off the table.

Several representatives, led by Reps. Raúl Grijalva and John Conyers, have put together a "Dear Colleague" letter, firmly opposing any benefit cuts—including raising the retirement age. They're asking other members of Congress to co-sign a letter to the president."

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