Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where did the money go?

The Republican Party in Florida wants us to believe that they have no idea who charged what and how much on their credit card. Did Charlie Crist charge his Disney vacation on the Republican AMEX?
I have a small business AMEX card. One of the selling points of the card (because it really has no other one) is the ability to track your expenses. I can tell you everything that was charged on my AMEX for the last 5 years. Is there some reason the Republicans can't? Is the accountant blind or just really stupid?
I spent part of my accounting career as an expense account clerk. I knew where every penny of every salesman's expense account was spent. I knew where every penny of petty cash in 14 branch offices went AND THIS WAS BEFORE COMPUTERS LIKE WE HAVE TODAY. I did it BY HAND.
I suggest the Republicans find someone else to swallow this crappola, because this lady isn't buying it for one nano second.

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