Thursday, September 16, 2010

Old Habits Aren't Broken

The Obama administration actually thought they could break the old habit of sticking your hand in 'the least of us able to afford its' pocket with incentives and general positive energy means. Me, I think an old fashioned caning, horse whipping or may be just take them out and shoot them is the right approach.
Who am I talking about? Why your friends the Bank Executives that just don't seem to be able to live without their million dollar bonuses in addition to the millions in salary they collect every year for coming up with better ways to screw us over.
"HUH?" you say.
Well, do you remember all that incentive money to make loans to needy home owners, low income home buyers and small businesses? Seems it is still sitting there. Our friends at Wells Fargo Chase, BOA and several others would prefer to loan money to the friendly payday loan store on the corner.
You know...the people who charge you 50% interest, keep your car title and make promises that aren't in writing to the illiterate....yes, those people. We used to call them loan sharks until they gave loan sharks a bad name. Although, in all fairness I must report that BOA claims they try really hard (would love to see their definition of that) to make certain they only loan money to ethical loan sharks, I mean pay day loan stores.
Now, let me tell you something else before you choose your punishment.
When we were scammed out of 23,000.00 by an illegally licensed by Broward County roofer, Mr. Humphrey and company, I did a little research on the Payday Loan and Check cashing stores to find out what idiot would cash a check made out to a company with no proof of ownership of the company. I'm not the only one doing a little research. The current administration might want to talk to the Secret Service. I discovered something really disturbing. These stores are not American owned. They are mostly owned down here by Brazilian nationals and the blood money is being shipped back to Latin America. So, the money they cheat you out of isn't even staying in the good old USA.
Now, shall we
(a) horse whip them
(b) cane them
(c) shoot them
(d) force them to live at the economic level of their customers for the rest of their lives at the mercy of people just like them????
Personally, I prefer torture and I can be very creative.....

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