Thursday, September 16, 2010

What a DAY!

My first stop was the doctor's office. It seems I just can't get the antibiotic solution up my nose adequately. Apparently a near drowning experience doesn't count. So, due to my inefficiency, I have been elevated to mechanical drowning. I had to go buy the new Waterpic nasal irrigater. Yup, 35 more bucks up my nose plus 33 for the solution. Thus, I am going home to voluntarily waterboard myself.
After the pharmacist telling me to not warm the solution, the doc tells me to get it up to 99 degrees because cold water doesn't soften scabs well and if he starts removing them from inside my nose I will start bleeding and reform them. Now, if everyone would just get together on my instructions, this whole thing would have gone a lot better! Yup, I am getting a little snippy.
Not wanting to fight with the pharmacy parking lot at lunch time, we spent a little time at the shop, used both breakfast and lunch coupons at Burger King and visited Target to get my 10.00 gift card on an 8.00 prescription. Target is not winning with me. That'll teach them to donate the big bucks to Tea Party candidates.
Then we called in and discovered it was going to take an hour to fill so we had a late, late lunch at BK. I found a lovely parking space with no one near the Vanwitch and in we went. Out we came and cars had snuggled up next to her.
So, we visited the party store next door and I got some great stuff and finally one of the cars moved so I could get out of the parking space.
PEOPLE...a commercial van doesn't turn on a dime. Stay away from us. We have limited visibility which means if you are a car and behind me, I can't see you. Don't cut us off because if we slam on brakes, everything in the van lurches forward and then I have to pick it up later and I know a really good flat tire spell. Don't annoy us. We are bigger and 4 times heavier than you. AND I know a really good flat tire spell.....
By the way, I am putting pictures of products we have for sale as the opening photo.....

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