Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Classic Con

I must admit, there are days when my head just spins, ala Linda Blair. So I thought I would explain how the classic con job works.
First, the con artist gets you in for enough money or effort that you can't back out. You simply have too much invested. Then he/she needs just a little more money to get you that big return until you are bled dry.Why did I point that out? Well, the Republicans took us from one of the most prosperous administrations with not only a balanced budget but an overage to the largest deficit in history and the brink of another Great Depression. Now, they want just a few more votes and they will get us out of it....yeah....sure. I've heard that one before and I'm not falling for it. It is the classic con job.
I have been looking at the issues and not the attack ads and here is what I have learned in our Florida governors' race. Rick Scott is going to cut everything (problem: that means jobs) and after he cuts everything thousands of jobs will mysteriously show up (through equally mysterious stimuli) and the economy will magically recover. Uh....we are under a Republican Administration with both houses of Florida Government controlled by Republicans and now they want more votes to do....what? More of the same which got us in this mess??????
Alex Sink on the other hand is showing exactly where she is going to cut and exactly how she is going offer stimulus packages to small businesses to get Florida back on its feet. As an accountant, her platform makes sense. His looks like, well, it doesn't look like anything but rhetoric.
Let's go for the bottom line, folks. Before Earl got near a shore, several states declared themselves disaster areas to get Federal Funds. Where do you think those funds come from?
Record floods have caused one disaster after another and the Federal Flood Insurance program is paying out billions. Where do you think that money comes from? Who do think underwrites it?
How many towns have been wiped out via tornado or fire this year? Where do you think money comes from to rebuild them?
Everyone thinks the reaction to the Gulf Crisis was too slow. Where do you think the money to react to the Gulf Crisis would come from?
The bank bailout may have looked big, but compare it to all the disaster bail outs, insurance bail outs and Bush's price tag for two wars and suddenly it isn't so big. It was Bush who started borrowing from China to fund his wars and it is President Obama who is stuck paying the bill and the interest, ie...US!
We have got to stop thinking of Federal Funds as an allowance and start looking at it as OUR MONEY WE EARNED! Now which do you want: A war against terrorism or rebuilding after a natural disaster? It is that simple. Do you have any idea how much the war on terrorism that mostly funded Bush's cronies companies has cost us since 9/11? So far we have no rights and some guy's shoes, another idiot that set his underwear on fire and the worst air travel in the world for convenience.
Screaming STOP THE SPENDING is a moot point. Most of the spending is paying off Bush's debts. They compound daily, just like your credit card interest. At least one good thing has come out of this. China doesn't dare start a war with us as their economy is dependent on us repaying Bush's loans. The bad news is all our money is headed to them.
You can't bury your head in American soil and scream to get everything back American. Your lovely American Corporations have outsourced our jobs to India, China, Mexico and anywhere there are no laws protecting laborers. Now they want a tax cut via the Republicans with the implication it will create more jobs in the USA. Try "create more jobs in India and China" for the truth. We gave big business 8 years of tax cuts and they sent our jobs overseas. Do you really want to give them another 4 years.....THINK. You can not trust these people with your future. They have already proven that. They are all about the bottom line and a highly skilled engineer in India makes $6,000.00 American a YEAR! A clerk at a fast food restaurant over here makes more money than that. Who do think they are going to hire? THINK!

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