Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You Win: Jewelry with Intent is Here

A while back, someone discovered I make jewelry, in particularly, mine. So, I explained that I make jewelry for myself with intent or for a specific magick. Then with a pout she said, "Well, why don't you do that for us?"
Truthfully, I never considered it. Yes, I make Mojo Bags, mix powders and blend oils but I never thought of marketing my jewelry. You see, one of the problems is the jewelry has to be packaged in its own little box so it can be recharged after each wearing. The box also has to be made and charged, so you are not only getting jewelry but the charging station. Now everyone knows why I travel with all these little boxes with one piece of jewelry in each of them.
Anyway, I finally decided: WHY NOT? Not only that, but the whining was hurting my ears.
Today I made the first four pieces and let me tell you, jewelry making even with plastic pieces is a lot harder than you think. For one thing, the holes are never big enough and the jump rings are always the wrong size so you wind up making them. Anyway, the first four earring sets are:
2 are harvest pumpkins to increase your wealth, fertility and/or abundance.
1 is for protection against negative thoughts and spells.
1 is a more active protection as it throws the energy back at the person and disorients them. They are best used against someone who is "unbalanced" or just plain nuts and refuses to leave you alone.
All are made during the proper planetary hour on the proper day and using copper and antique copper finish as the conduit that touches you at least for these intentions.
Now, for those of you saying where on earth did you get the copper connective pieces....there is this large roll of copper wire, tools and someone who learned to make them from scratch, which also makes them more powerful. Pictures will follow when they are completely ready for sale. Right now, a few pieces are drying.....and charging.....

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