Friday, September 10, 2010

The Salamander is Progressing

It has been a hard day of work. We are really rearranging everything in hopes of getting open some time this weekend or next week for readings, at least. As of now, we are doing email readings. For more information email us at
As soon, and dear Goddess this will be a trial, we get George set up in the middle room with some room to work and I can finally do a little crafting the showroom will be open for business. It may be a little hot, but it is livable. Hey, if she who hates all heat is surviving, you can.
The trial part is what has to be moved. George has had over a month to nest and he nested with cables. I crawled under his table to see if I could find his phone charger and I am certain there was an electronic web spider under there, perhaps even an electronic rat. I barely escaped with all my appendages. He has been packing most of the evening and I am afraid to look over the counter as the crashes have been numerous and swearing has turned Isis's little furry ears pink. An engineer in full move mode is not a pretty thing.
I am feeling much better and the biggest shock you are going to encounter in my world is that I am up in the mornings. It is wonderful what an actual night's sleep will do for you.
Have a wonderful evening and profitable day.
Blessed Be!
Janice the Druidess

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