Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Truth Can Make You Sick

I was kind of sick when I awoke this morning but after reading the newspaper, I was sicker.
For you youngsters, the newspaper is something that is printed on large pieces of paper and arrives in the morning in little plastic bags to your house. You have to unwrap it and actually hold it up and turn the pages to read it. It has one advantage over all the internet and cable news, the reporters tend to be real reporters who provide the unvarnished news. That may be why the newspaper is so unpopular.
The first thing I love to read is the TRUTHMETER. This takes statements by politicians and rates just how true they are. Is Rick Scott's new running mate an "outsider"? Well.....she wasn't in politics the first half of her life because she was in the military, but she has been in politics the last half. CONCLUSION: It is half true. Love that TRUTHMETER!
That was not what made me sick. Down here in Florida, and with a husband out seeking a job after almost 30 years service to a corporation, I am watching the job market. Here in Florida, it doesn't exist. So where are all the jobs the great stimulus money was supposed to create?
Well, don't bother calling the President. Instead, you might want to call the Republicans that control the Florida State Legislature. Yes, we are a Republican controlled state in Florida from the governor down!
It seems over 60% of the stimulus money that Governor Chris accepted from the Feds has NOT BEEN SPENT. YES you read that right. It is just sitting in the pipe line.
What has been spent is the money that helped retain jobs in the schools, law enforcement and other industries that have strong UNIONS! So to shut the UNIONS up, the Legislature happily released the stimulus money and the rest of us can starve under a bridge somewhere. Do you really want to elect these Republicans in November? Their only goal has been to sabotage President Obama and with him, US! He has a job; they have a job; we are suffering because of their partisan politics! They are nothing more than nasty little bullies who don't care who they hurt and don't want to admit they LOST the election.
I will not vote for him, but I would like to pat Charlie Chris on the back for having the guts to stand up to the Republican Congress in Florida. He has some things they lack: guts, a heart and integrity.

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