Saturday, September 18, 2010


If you listen the right wing nutcases, President Obama has personally taken over the entire healthcare system and plans on shipping grandma off to a death camp. I'm trying to find out WHERE!
The Public Option was removed from the bill by the Republicans and Chicken Dems. That option would have provided a government funded health insurance for people like Medicare is for seniors and Citizen's is for Floridians that can't get insurance on their houses.
The Public Option DOES NOT EXIST.
What does exist is not Obamacare but health insurance reform.
Insurance companies can no longer drop parents for the fatal sin of having a sick child. Yes folks, that was a common practice. Insurance companies can no longer deny coverage for preexisting conditions some of which were as silly as varicose veins. Everyone will have to have health insurance which is no different from requiring you to have car insurance or your friendly mortgage company demanding you insure your home or have it repossessed. You will get a tax credit for part of the bill if your income is low enough.
So are you wondering yet who is screaming.
Aside from the Sheeple who swallow anything the Becks and Palins say, the big bucks are coming from the insurance companies. Suddenly, they actually have to compete in the marketplace. The insurance companies have to compete, not your doctor. Oddly enough, I always thought that was Capitalism but apparently I was wrong. Entitlement is now Capitalism.
Insurance companies will find it harder and harder to deny claims. They don't seem to be very happy about losing the right to decide whether you live or die within their system. You really will have the right to tell them where to go and be able to actually go over to another company that will okay your claim or that life saving procedure. Once again, competition according to the insurance companies and Republicans is Socialism. Try not to forget that because I am getting really, really confused about who is on what side lately.....must be old age. 

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