Thursday, September 9, 2010

To Neti Pot or Notty Pot

That was a BAD pun!
Perhaps I should have said: Adventures in Voluntarily Drowning Yourself.
To start, I am not using an actual Netipot. I simply am not that coordinated. I would break it and my head and probably my neck trying to get in the right position.
The company that makes Netipots also makes a squeeze bottle. Don't ask me how it works, but it works like a champ. Sneeze near it and water spurts up and out of it. You do have to replace it every 90 days. It and a few packages of solution are under $5.00. So it is cost effective.
The big question everyone has is: DOES IT HURT??? There was no way you were convincing me it wouldn't hurt. I've been a diver and a swimmer all my life and water up the nose HURTS.
Here's the deal. Anything other than the proper isotonic solution at a warm temperature will hurt. The little packages they sell of special salt and the instructions on heating the bottle in the microwave create a solution that doesn't hurt. The ice cold antibiotic solution I have to use is a whole different kettle of fish. It hurts like the daylights on the side I wasn't operated on. Go figure that one out. It doesn't hurt as much as getting chlorinated pool water up your nose by a long shot.
Your next question should be: Why would I want to do this?
I discovered last year that the way Swine Flu infects you is pretty pat. It must get up your nose. It takes it almost 8 hours to establish itself in your nose and infect you. It is easily killed by - drum roll - salt water. Just waving salt water at that bug will cause it to roll and over and die! Most flu viruses are killed by good old salt water. So even if you elect to not do a complete wash a couple of times a day, using a spray bottle of Ocean will significantly reduce your odds of catching anything. When I was on the ocean, diving and fishing, I seldom even had the sniffles. Now I know why.
Why hasn't anyone ever told you that? The Flu and colds are big business. Just drop over to the pharmacy and see how many square feet of space is dedicated to cold remedies. Those stores do not leave those products on the shelf unless they turn over every COUPLE of days.
The last flu shot I got, I had a knot on my arm the size of a small orange. I am sticking with good old saline solution up my nose.


Jen said...
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Jen said...

I would say a neti pot is far better because it allows the natural drain of mucus as a free flow with gravity. With a squirt bottle, the mucus can actaully remain clogged up.
However, before starting out on neti - and it REALLY works - it is best to know the "how to's". I read some great FAQs here:
Not only did these help out, but the neti pot has become a part of my life.