Wednesday, September 8, 2010


That is what we calling our world as we recognize and accept that we are cat slaves. They are our masters. We will obey.
Trying to navigate the hallway, I accidentally almost stepped down on one of Napoleon's sproings. He was there faster than a speeding bullet, eye glowing and paws around my leg. I didn't even know the thing made a noise.
Being forcibly retired, George has spoiled these cats beyond recognition. I told him this morning I am dying first because there is no way I can remember who gets what treat in which special dish. I would come out some morning and get beat up.
Fiona is still playing the kitten though she is a miniature cat. Last night I found 2 white hairs on her. She appears to be aging faster than her siblings. She was not happy about it.
Boogaboo has continued to demonstrate his evilness by stealing anything in sight even a sproing. He will be punished as soon as Napoleon gets around to it. I even caught him visiting turtle. One of these days a cat is going to be missing a toe because Turtle is capable of taking one off.

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