Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stampers and Crafters

I accidentally discovered something great last night. Actually, I think all these stories, like fables that begin with 'once upon a time', should start with "and I forgot to put my glasses on......"
Anyway, George was having one of his Virgo fits that demand I get the stamps into the box and stamp one on the outside. Unfortunately, I forgot to explain the fine points of stamping which involve a light touch on the stamp pad. Thus, I was covered in black ink from his previous efforts and to top it off, he hands me the best piece of chocolate in the universe. I had to get clean to eat it.
Off I trek to the bathroom where I think he has put my new bottle of antibacterial handwash. One pump and I know I was wrong but the ink, that is usually pretty indelible once it hits skin, was washing right off. So, I got my glasses to see what I washing with and it was hand sanitizer. My only conclusion is plain old alcohol will remove the ink from your hands.

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