Sunday, August 3, 2008

Forecast and Faery Finder for 08-04-08

This is Napoleon stalking my wild toe a couple of months ago.
I’m thinking about writing some new blues’ songs…Like “I got the blue screen blues”. you guessed it, the computer is trying to drive me nuts again.
Isis, our shop cat, has become the lap top holder. We leave and she curls up on the lap top protector, takes a thorough bath and goes to sleep. She doesn’t move until one of us returns. We know because we are watching her on web cam. The nice thing is we don’t even have to monitor the rest of the cameras. We just watch Isis. If anything moves out side, the ear satellite dishes immediately point in the direction it is coming from and we can then check it out. So I have named it the “Isis Early Warning System”.
The Kitwits are having a follow the Mommy until she capitulates day. I didn’t fix the milk and eggs. I know I shall have to, if I have enough eggs left that is, fix it tonight.
I am totally amazed at the size of PurrBah’s feet. It looks like he has two huge brown cotton swaps sticking out in front of him when he does his Sphinx imitation. If he grows into those feet I am going to have a small lion wandering around the house.
Today’s Message from the Universe is: “I acknowledge the wonderful qualities I have within me. I open up to the beauty and creativity of my Soul and I accomplish great things easily and successfully.” Anne Marquier
Today’s Lo Shu Number is 6 and the element is fire. Horses find conflict today but the Rooster has a good day.
Astrologically, the Moon enters Libra at 7:28 PM EDT. A lot of energy toward trying to get everything perfect, emotional upsets and fuzzy everything make for a morning that could find you in an accident. Clear your mind and take deep breaths at every stop light. Focus on the road and pay attention. You might just be the only one out there doing that, so drive defensively. Don’t focus on old hurts and things said or you are just going ignite an explosive emotional pyre. It’s not a day to make changes and no, things just aren’t fair any more. Tomorrow really will be better….I promise…I’m looking at it.
Be on the lookout for He of the Fiery Sword. Ah, the temptation is call upon him today and he is around. This is one faery that gets things done, fast and sometimes not the way we wanted. So before calling him and begging for help, keep in mind, he takes the fastest path and if it involves burning the house down to eliminate the problem……Some days I think he is attracted to frustration. He gives us expedient solutions but don’t let him wander off on his own…well, stopping him is really hard so call him only when you really see no way else. Need a new car, there’s a three car pile up he can get you into and when you finally get out of traction, insurance will have paid for a new one! Mistress Karma and her puppies needed someone to start it any way. Two birds with one stone…
Today’s Cat Comfort Card is: A Cat Always Lands on Its Feet. “Be ready for anything. Everything will work out.”
The Faeries say: there are blocks to being sexy today. With Moon heading into Libra, we are tempted get into our finery and parade around. But the Moon is in Virgo, and the effect will not be what you intended. All giggling will give it away.
Today’s Tarot Card is the Empress: conception. You have a strong desire to wallow in the satin sheets of the senses today and drift into the daydreams of sensuality, abandoning reason and even emotion. All this is happening because recent experiences have left you confused as to your path. Your inner self will lead you to the right path at the right time, you just need to be more patience and a little more vigilant.
Do you have a support group? Do you have the right support group? The last sounds conflicted. If these people are supporting you, obviously it must be right. Well, take a few pages from the Old Druid’s book on this one. I’ve been around a long time and so has the Wiccan movement. You may have noticed by now that any number of “new age” groups really come down on any hint of Wicca, Druidism and Magick. I use a K to differential it from the rabbit out of a hat guys. One of the reasons is simple. We have been around a lot longer and thus, we have gone through a lot of what these people are putting their toes into and the last thing they want is us telling their fluffy little bunny followers what the real score is.
Here’s the score on support groups. If you arrive one evening with a problem wondering if anyone knows what agency you can contact to get some food for your kids and someone immediately tells you how right thinking will attract the food to you. Start getting your brain in gear before they drown you in affirmations. You need the address of the local food bank not a lot of spiritual platitudes.
BUT - what is really going here? By telling you to change your thinking to something more positive like they have, they are at the same moment telling you that you have attracted all of this into your life and as they all sit there in the circle nodding, they are also saying: Look at us. We have food. Obviously we are more spiritually evolved than you are. This proves the validity of what we are saying. Is this really spirituality or a game of one-upmanship? If you need someone else’s “failure” to validate your success, you are just plain petty. The moment someone in a support group suggests your problem is your failure and now just do what I say, they are not supporting you. They are chipping away at your self confidence. You can say: have you tried the phone book for food banks without saying: you must have brought all this down on yourself. That is difference between support and blame.
If your support group regularly plays the blame game, run for the nearest exit. Why? Because these people are looking for someone to make them feel validated and if your failure is going to do it, how much energy do you think they will be feeding into you failing? Ah, never thought of it that way, did you?
Yes, there is abundance all around you, but your share may be locked up in someone else’s safety deposit box. Now, whose share do you have then take to get what you want? That is the purpose of divination before you do things. It would be better to convince the person to let you have your share out of their safety deposit box than snatch the bread out of someone‘s mouth. The Universe always seeks equilibrium. It is us humans who unbalance it either physically or magically.
I remember an old Australian aborigine story, where in a dream a white person had taken a pebble from an aborigine and hid it. The man kept having the dream and the work on the project he was overseeing kept blowing up in his face. He faced one delay after another until he went to the Shaman. The Shaman said to balance it, he had to find that pebble and give it back to the person he took it from. Well, he hadn’t taken any pebbles from anyone or hid them. So the Shaman patiently told him to find a pebble that matched the one in the dream, find the person in the dream and give it to this person. It took him almost a week to find the perfect pebble, find the worker in his dream and deliver it to this worker. The pebble was the absolute perfect size to fit into a piece of spirit work the aborigine was doing, though the white man had never seen the work before or really the man. Everyone was very happy and he realized, at some point afterwards, that in taking those actions, he actually restored the spiritual balance to the group that he was upsetting by insisting they do things in his time and his way. He had become one with them and everything on the project was suddenly working easily and wonderfully.

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