Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Personal Ghosts

I started thinking about the Hungry Ghosts Festival. A couple of weeks ago I got a free two week membership at the Ancestors web site and I got hooked. I have learned so much about the women in my family and what they endured. I can’t even imagine the work and pain and fear those women lived with their entire lives and I started thinking.
It’s all energy and once we create the pattern, that pattern manifests in the astral realms. Darn it! I am going on a shopping trip to Michaels scrap booking aisle and buy these wonderful women that made me possible all the things they couldn’t have in their life now that I actually know their names. Remember, names have power and your birth name has ultimate power over you. Grandma Martha is getting a safe place, a vacation and some nice clothes. Grandma Corah and her mother are getting a trip package to Hawaii, a big doll because they were always fascinated with my dolls, a ball gown, pearls and everyone gets money. I may not have been able to do anything for them when they lived as only grandma Corah was alive at the same time I was, but maybe in death and I can give them something. As to my grandpa’s…I think I’ll see if they have some little pitchforks……I hope it is hot down there guys….

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