Saturday, August 16, 2008

Forecast for 08-17-08

Ra the Sun Goddess in all her glory! Loki in the middle and Isis on the Lap Top! They work so hard at the shop.

Last night I let little Napoleon sleep with me. He was so happy having finally returned to the place where he spent his first night with me. He purred all night and kitty bisquited and rolled and stretched. You should have seen him. Unfortunately, come morning I found him hanging from the light bridge by one paw. Is it possible they are part monkey?
I bought a gorgeous teal collar for Ra and now it is apparent, it is way too small. It may not even fit Isis. A Kitwit may be wearing it shortly. As soon as he grows into it, Napoleon has a black collar with rhinestones awaiting him. Now I have to get another one from New Zealand for Josephina.
We bought hamburger at Costco last night and you have to divide it up and freeze part unless you feeding a hoard. That is always the signal for cats to gather and get a treat. All the cats give Josephina a big berth and George asked why. I told him they are afraid of her. Heck, when she gets near meat I’m afraid of her!
I received an apology for removing my auctions and my record has been cleared of any wrong doing. However, the person who made the complaints…..well I shall never know what happened but when an account executive has to get involved….. Thank you everyone for lending your energy to helping me out. I feel so much better.
It may not be this way in other professions, but a psychic’s reputation is everything as it is really the only credentials we have. There are no tests or real licenses that work. It is the same with a vendor’s reputation. So it feels good to be expunged.
Deck: Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea.
Today’s Tarot Card is the Six of Pentacles: compensation. Balance and harmony are about to be achieved but this is only temporary because things are constantly moving. Harvest the abundance and prepare to move on. Each day has one perfect moment of balanced communication with each person and the universe. Learn to recognize and use it to your advantage. Life will become much easier.

Astrological Source: Llewellyn’s 2007 Daily Planetary Guide.
Astrologically, the Moon enters Pisces at 3:46 AM EDT. Let the sympathy flow! A major aspect lasting most of the week is going to put the need for order and responsibility at odds with wanderlust causing a lot of day dreaming. Justice may be totally bogged down in red tape. However for the next couple of days, it is the perfect time to ask for a deserved raise. The kids are going to break curfew and you might as well be used to it tonight. There is a lot of whining about what isn’t done and that sure doesn’t get it done! Stop whining and get to work.

Deck: Healing with the Fairies.
The Faeries say the happily ever after has a few blocks today. It is a fairy tale and today you need to concentrate on the practical.

Today’s Cat Comfort card is: Cat Goddess. Gee, I didn’t Purdy von Sweets had her own card! “Ask for help and you will receive guidance.”
Deck: The Fairies’ Oracle by Brian Froud & Jessica MacBeth
Today’s Faery Finder is on the lookout for the Oak Men. My, what sharp teeth we have and with that, they can be very frightening in a dark wood. But, they are what you project onto them. It is the wood, not the Oak Men that is frightening. They are a source of strength, ancient wisdom and depth. Of course, we, Druids, are really super fond of Oaks even though this one is allergic to them. I still have one at the house and two at the shop that I talk to regularly. They ground you and bring peace to your thoughts. Their lesson is to look at the person, not the surroundings or outer coverings.
Today’s Lo Shu Number is 2 and the element is earth. Sheep find plenty of conflict today but the Monkey is having a great day.

Today’s Message from the Universe is: “Peace flows through me and around me. I free my mind of all criticism. I communicate and serve in a peaceful and loving way.” - Annie Marquier

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