Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Forecast and f\Faery Finder for 08-06-08

Yes, there really is Howler on the rocks. Look closely.
Fibromyalgia gives you some bad days. This has been two of mine. Have you seen that commercial for the new medicine for it. It helps with that “special” pain. Let me define that special pain for you. It is a pain that no pain reliever touches. Knock me out and I dream I am pain. I went to sleep at 9:30 last night and didn’t really wake up enough to get out of bed until 4 PM today and I still am achy.
As I was limping down the path to the shop, Howler was following me. Howler is one of the strays and at least a half brother to the Kitwits. He is totally feral, and at his age, is still following his mother cat around screaming for her to feed him He is the poster boy for Momma’s Boys. Anyway, he is following me down the path at more than a respectful distance when he encounters a black sweet potato vine (purely ornamental) that has creeped out into the path. It must have caught him on the belly because he did a flip in midair, legs flying out at all angles and landed very badly, looking all around for the alien invader. Well, I told him I wouldn’t tell a soul about it but when I opened the front door, there sat Isis on the monitoring system with this smile on her face that said, “No, but I have it on video.” I swear she was laughing.
When you are sick, things become surreal. I was looking at one of the bedroom doors when I noticed it had feet. Yes, out comes a paw, very slowly, turns up and gently pulls the door open and then the whole cat appears. It seems our errant PC, who keeps escaping and disappearing into the yard for three days at a time, has learned the fine art of opening doors.
When the Kitwits get hungry, they send Purdy von Sweets, to annoy me. She has the ability to stick to your ankle better than Velcro. I have learned a secret. Pick her up and put her on her back and the paws come up to box you. But, if you start scratching the secret place behind her right ear, the front paws just flip forward like levers and the back legs cross and she goes limp.
Today’s Message from the Universe is “Everything that does not contribute to my highest good now vanishes from my life. I let it go. The will of God expresses itself clearly and strongly through the qualities He gave me.
The Path of my life is radiant and free.” -Annie Marquier
Astrologically, Venus enters Virgo at 12:20 AM EDT. Geez, you need a guide to survive the next few days and their major aspects. Number one: no one wants to hear your emotional problems and they will get really antsy and snippy if you start listing them. Avoid temper tantrums. Number two: authorities are not being fair with money or promotions. Number three: You need to learn balance and the reasons for old hurts on your own. Number four: There is just plain too much to do and you wear yourself out if you do not prioritize and not get caught up in the details. Number five: Be specific and never start a sentence with I think or feel. Number six, Venus in Virgo is social but she wants everything on time (which it won’t be), color coordinated and perfectly sterilized. Today, the morning hours are a good time to figure out why people are hurting you and what they have to gain from this. This afternoon avoid emotional outbursts. The evening is a perfect time to consult your ancestors or get a psychic reading.
Today’s Lo Shu Number is 4 and the element is earth. The Monkey finds conflict but the Horse has a great day.

Be on the lookout for Tohaira of the Waters. She is the guardian of all waters. All healing wells and springs are under her care and protection. Her troop of healing faeries keep the waters pure as best they can. She also helps us understand random events and happening. You will find with her help, the reasoning behind things flows much easier.
Today’s Cat Comfort Card is: Suncat. “Feel your own sunshine radiating within.”
The Faeries say enjoy the magic of nature today and let it recharge your batteries.
Today’s Tarot Card is the Star: revelation. Meditation and just letting go will bring physical and emotional benefits. Meditation allows ideas from your subconscious to enter the conscious and influence you daily decisions in a way that allows them to manifest. You will return to the source of your power, build new self confidence and resourcefulness. You will be able to face anything.
I have been wondering since Lughnassad why one of the primary components in Lughnassad and Llamas oil is lime. I finally dug out “Helping Yourself with Magickal Oils A-Z” by Maria Soloman, my bible on oils, and discovered that when used in a room it raises the energy in the room. Now it makes more sense. Books and decks can be purchased at my store web site: www.cosmicsalamander.com

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