Thursday, May 21, 2009

Forecast and Faery Finder for 05-22-09


Forecast and Faery Finder by Janice Scott-Reeder and the Bitwit

According to Llewellyn’s Spell-a-Day Almanac, today’s color is Pink and the incense is Alder.

Happy Nost~na~Lothion, the second of the seven Elvens fests. It is the Birth of Flowers and the beginning of the warm season. (It’s expected to reach 90 tomorrow here.) The Tie eldalieva traditions link it with the Ever-Young Vana which in turn resonates with new green growth. More information can be found in Llewellyn’s Spell-A-Day Almanac.


Deck: Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea.
Today’s Tarot Card is the Ten of Cups: accomplishment. The moment you get what you having striving for, the let down begins. Only meaningful relationships can fill that void and if you discarded all who cared about you on the way up, it may be too late to remedy the situation. Humbly return to family.

Astrological Source: Llewellyn’s 2007 Daily Planetary Guide.
Astrologically, the Moon enters Taurus at 12:40 AM EDT. Suddenly it is hard to borrow anything and everyone has their personal boundaries drawn in brick! This brings an interesting change where get what you deserve whether you want it or not.

Deck: Healing with the Fairies.
The Faeries say so much is happening today that it is easier to go along with everyone than honor your true feelings. You’ll regret it in the morning.

Today’s Cat Comfort card is Up On The Cat Walk. “You’re the center of attention. Strut your stuff.”

Deck: The Fairies’ Oracle by Brian Froud & Jessica MacBeth
Today’s Faery Finder is on the lookout for Taitin the Sylph. Sylph are air spirits and dwell in the element of the mind. Taitin is known for her bag of Faery Dust that quickens your mental processes. If you see a shimmering in the air, don’t worry, it’s not that itchy Pixie Dust, it is Sylph Dust and your mind is about to start spinning. She also has a bag of Dust that increases your IQ, but getting some from her is very difficult. Some days I am certain there is also a Faery running around with a huge bag of Stupid Dust. I’ll have to ask Taitin about that.

Today’s Lo Shu Number is 7 and the element is Fire. The Rooster finds conflict today but the Dog and Boar are having a great day. Today is an auspicious day for medical procedures, writing and births but not for haircuts.

Today’s Message from the Universe is: “There is no need to rush. Time is working in my favor. With God’s kind help, everything falls back into place in a perfectly appropriate way for my highest good. I stay calm and confident, I take the time to celebrate the perfection of the moment with serenity and joy.” Annie Marquier creating a world of peace one thought at a time.
These messages are helping so many people that I am setting each day’s card up in a psionics generator so you can tap into the energy during the day. Just think of a rainbow and the energy will come to you.


am still in pain. This new dermatologist is a lot more aggressive than the last one and before I knew it, she had me pinned down and that bottle of liquid nitrogen primed. I look like I have been mugged with the bandages from the biopsies and the huge red spots from burning off the precancerous lesions all over my face. The other doctor ignored them. I even had to cancel my favorite doctor’s appointment this morning because every time I blink, the tears fill my eyes and I can’t see straight. That is not a good way to drive in the rain.
Now remember when I told you about the reality as life as a psychic. Well, I debated for an hour before canceling the doctor’s appointment. About 15 minutes before I would have left for the appointment, it started raining lightly. Right at the moment I was to leave, the wind started howling worse than in the last hurricane, it sounded like things were falling on the roof and when I looked out, the lawn was covered in hail. It kept it up for close to 20 minutes. I would never have made it to the doctor’s office.
As to the latest in the health crisis legislation, we are screwed. Electronic billing is the answer. Yeah, sure, and I believe in other mythical creatures, too. I just got a call from the hospital wanting a huge sum of money, close to 800.00. This left me speechless because I put money in an IRS account, have a credit card on the account and the copayments are taken out of it. Well, it seems the company George worked for cancelled the credit card two months early, the charges were declined in 2008 and they are just getting back to me with it. I lost that excess money in 2009 and the government just absorbs it. Oh yes, let’s go to electronic billing and see if anyone gets anything paid out of insurance or the IRS accounts!!!! Or we can talk about when the insurance clerk inserted the wrong insurance company for no reason and it took me 6 months to find out by which time it was too late to get my money back out of the IRS account. No one could answer why the charges were constantly declined by insurance including the insurance company. It could be because they went to the wrong insurance company. That little slip of the finger, left the doctor’s office, propagated through the labs and the hospital until nothing was being paid and everyone was going all…..”well, we don’t why….until a lab finally put the code for the insurance company on a bill and I saw it and knew what had happened. Oh yes, you are really going to enjoy electronic billing. I sure do.
The cats are being really nice to me. I know they know I am in pain. Even Prescious is not doing his normal complaining.

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