Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Forecast and Faery Finder
By Janice Scott-Reeder and the Bitwit

According to Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac, today’s color is white and the incense is clover.
Today is Saint Bernadette’s Second Vision. I don’t even know what her first one was. Wait a minute, isn’t prophecy against the Christian tenets? I mean, they are always trying to burn me at the stake. I’m confused.


Astrologically, The Sun enters Pisces at 1:36 PM EST.
This afternoon, rewards come quickly for a job well one. The boot comes equally quickly for a job half done. Tonight will bring prophetic dreams and is also an excellent time for a psychic reading. The key to getting over old hurts is there.

Deck: Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea.

Today’s Tarot Card is the Ten of Wands: oppression. This is a hard card in this deck to read. It signifies fire out of control and it is the most powerful of the tens. Either you center yourself and push your ego down so you no longer require validation from everyone around you for every little thing you do and get rid of the psychological baggage or it destroys you.

Deck: Healing with the Fairies.
The Faeries say:
Nurture your inner child today. Oohh…I’m going to see if that table is still at the Thrift Shop!!!! Have you ever touched something and it was just happy? That table was happy. I hope I can give it a home.
Today’s Cat Comfort Card is:
Kitten: “Find the joy in simple things. Concentrate on having fun.” A wise man once told me: “You can either enjoy your work and be happy or hate it and be miserable. The choice is yours.” Studies have shown that if your neighbors 3 houses down are happy, your happiness increases 18%. So, if everything in your job is miserable, start changing it by changing you.

Deck: The Fairies’ Oracle by Brian Froud & Jessica MacBeth
Today’s Faery Finder is on the lookout for:
She of the Cruach is with us today. The Cruach is a cup. She is the mother goddess. From her comes all bounty, fertility and nurturing. He of the Fiery Sword is intention. She is manifestation. He may conceive the plan, but she nurtures it to fruition. The pagan religions always understood that without the female, the male could not bring anything into being. She was more than a vessel for his brilliance. She was that which provided the energy and matter for his energy to manifest within. Without her, there was no form. Without the earth, the sun just sits there and shines. It produces no life.

Today’s Lo Shu Number is 9 and the Element is Earth. The Snake finds conflict but the Dragon has ease. Today is an auspicious day for haircuts, medical procedures, gambling and births but NOT for starting construction or signing contracts.

Today’s Message from the Universe is: “The Divine Love of my Higher Self now flows through me in every situation of my life. The more I express this love, the more it returns to me.” Annie Marquier creating a world of peace one thought at a time.


I crept out of the bedroom for a drink of water and found Flame on the kitchen counter. Normally I would have grabbed her, but George had left several pots of potting mix with his tomato seeds in them on the stove next to the counter and I didn’t want soil on the ceiling. Then I noticed there was a huge Palmetto bug on one of the pots. Now this is a dilemma. Any sudden move and Flame goes for the Palmetto bug and there is soil on the ceiling. So I crept over and she is hovering with one paw up in the air looking at me like: “I don’t want to put my paw in dirt. My paw has never been in dirt.” Okay, that was when the Palmetto bug disappeared. I discovered he was on the side of the pot. So, the theory was, I would grab the pot, shake it, the Palmetto bug falls to the floor and Flame kills it. Like most theories, it didn’t work. You cannot shake a Palmetto bug off anything. They grip like Velcro. So I managed to hit the pot on the side of the counter and knock him off onto the floor on his back. Flame followed within microseconds and is sitting there looking at Mommy again. “His legs is wiggling. I don’t like wiggling legs. Flip him over Mommy!” So, Mommy flips him over and off they go. How do I get myself into these things?
I had my teeth cleaning today. Anything with the dentist wears you out. My dental surgery is scheduled and paid for and I rejoined the ranks of the broke. If I just didn’t need anesthesia, I could have had the top right done, too. As it is, I am going for the broken tooth and a filling. Did you know those old amalgam filling expand as they get old and break your tooth. I didn’t but it sure showed up nicely on the Xray. I have cracked teeth and fillings all over the back of my mouth. I wish I had insisted the doctor remove them while the infamous ‘caines’ still had an effect on me.
New shopping tip for us plus sized ladies who like a little room in the neck of our T-shirts brought to you via Target. I noticed when they put me in the dermatologist’s chair under the lights that I haven’t bought any clothes in a couple of years. Everything was worn and thread bare and I needed something new. Most of you know how much I HATE shopping. I also really hate paying postage. I was in Target and I saw some nice colored men’s T-shirts with a little V neck. So I went over to the women’s department and discovered they were two dollars more. So back to the men’s department where I bought a test one. I could always give it to George. Well, an XXL is a perfect TwoX. They are light weight and will be perfect for summer. I don’t know why they say they are called sport cut but who cares, it fits perfectly. The little V neck keeps them from strangling me. So, I shall get a few more at 7.99 each. They have nice colors, too. The brown was perfect.
Well, once again I am exhausted. I have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow which is my regular one with the endocrinologist. After they grab a couple of pints of blood for tests, I am free for the day and maybe, just maybe, I will get a little rest.
I know I have to do some gardening. I bought a tomato plant today and it has to get repotted. Bush allowed the big chemical companies to invest heavily in genetically engineered food with brand new laws that actually prosecuted the small farmer if by no fault of his own, these genetically engineered strains pollinated with his good food crop and showed up in his field. One farmer actually lost his farm because the neighboring Monsato corn showed up in his field. He should have tried to sue Monsato for raping his corn. I doubt it would have done any good as the Republicans spent 8 years stacking the courts with their judges. Then to fund all his little wars around the globe, he cut funding to Agricultural Department and let us not forget how much that helped his buddies in the oil industry (most insecticides are petroleum based) and most chemical companies are now in the farming business. Now lab rats fed this genetically engineered food are dying of liver and pancreatic failure.
Let me tell you folks, I have been through complete liver failure and lived. I saw someone die of pancreatic failure. Buy a gun because you are going to want to shoot yourself rather than go through that. I bought an heirloom tomato. That means it will breed true from seed. I am not going to buy any canned vegetables as there is no way to know if Frankinveggie is in the can. I will eat what I can grow. I will save seeds and grow the next crop from them. Maybe I will even pollinate the plants myself. It is easy to do and requires one cotton swab. You can bet Bush is not serving Frankinveggies. I bet he eats organic. The rest of you can eat cake.
Oh, after shooting (literally) the executives in China responsible for poisoning their own babies with melamine contaminated milk, they just found melamine in baby formula and a whole host of foods coming out of China. That’s why the cats are getting homemade food. Apparently serious aversive conditioning (killing them) doesn’t work on Chinese executives. Greed is an ugly thing to behold. It also seems to beget stupidity. If I see China on the label of anything, it goes right back on the shelf.
Friday, I want you to do me a favor. When you get up, each thing you do, from washing your face to putting on your shoes, I was you to stop and consider how many people contributed to that single act. What am I talking about? Washing you face require soap, which had to be put on a shelf so you could buy it, bought by a store owner to go on the shelf, unloaded off the truck, transported on the truck, loaded onto the truck, manufactured by someone and then packaged by yet another group of people who had to make the packaging and print it. Then someone had to grow the plants involved in the soap manufacture, sell them to chemical company, which involved more trucking of materials, loading and unloading.
Okay now, notice every step of this involved transport. On your way to work take a really good look at those big trucks trying to run over you. Who makes them? Yup, they are almost all American made. Now what happens if the American auto industry, which also happens to be the truck industry, goes under? How long before nothing moves? With the auto makers go the auto parts. Without parts, nothing gets repaired. How long before the existing trucks stop working? Six months or less is the answer. Now, are you scared? Do you see what we avoided by propping up the auto industry?
Okay, now let’s say your house burns down. You go to your insurance company to get reimbursed and build a new house. All is working out well. Now, your insurance company actually buys an insurance policy from a bigger company to cover their policies. So they then go to their insurance company to get paid so they can give you your check. Guess who that insurance company eventually is? AIG for the most part.
Now, your paycheck was just deposited into your account or your hand. But, before that point your employer had to get the money out of the bank to cover the check he wrote you. Now, your bank thought when Bush got rid of all the banking regulations on loans it was because he actually knew what he was doing. After all, Reagan said it was so. So, they started making risky loans to people who should never have been given loans and didn’t realize they shouldn’t be getting a loan because everyone said it was all right. I mean, everyone was insured. Right? How could it go wrong?
The loan officer was pocketing an enormous commission on the loan. The bank was happy because they had an insurance policy on that loan. Guess who holds that insurance policy? Yup, mostly AIG. Now when all those people default on those loans and AIG has no money, where do you think the bank is getting the money to pay their executives those big bonuses and those big commissions? Yes, right out of your employer’s account. Do you really think they planned to tell all of us to run in and get our money because they were going out of business? If you do, I some property east of Miami Beach I can sell you cheap. But your account was insured…by the FDIC… the government. Where do you think they were going to get the money to pay you but from you and if you have no money because your employer‘s check just bounced??????
Don’t let anyone tell you this was a give away to pay off campaign promises. This was to keep us from being in something worse than the Great Depression. We were already there before the election. Why do you think the Republicans ran a doddering old man with the charisma of a pitbull on steroids and an idiot? They already stole one election. They controlled the majority of money with a well oiled political machine. Winning this election was a piece of cake. They never wanted to win this election. They wanted someone else to try and clean up their mess so they could blame them with the mess. Then they come back in 4 years and finish the rape of the country. The only mistake was, it all fell apart before the election rather than after. As I said with the Palmetto bug, theories seldom work.
My mother and father only gave me two pieces of financial advice. I suggest you learn them. Never take out a mortgage with balloon payments. You will not be able to make them. Always remember, the bank is not your friend. They make their money off your sweat. They will never give you anything they aren’t making money off. Remember that and you will stay out of trouble.
They also gave me one piece of political advice. They asked my why someone would practically kill themselves to get elected and re-elected to a job that pays poorly, is high stress and requires constant travel. Think about it.

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