Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can't get a job: read this.

If you are having trouble getting a job, even with your excellent record, and are not an Evengelic nutcase, you might want to read this:
I have been getting notes from all over the country and since the pattern is the same, this has to be a concerted effort by these people. So, if you are close to either retirement or being laid off you need to keep one thing in mind; who will be giving your recommendation when the next company inquires about you? If it one of them, watch out!
It works this way. A new boss is transferred in or you are transferred to another department a few months before you are to be terminated or retire. You may start getting really bad assignments. One lady was assigned to jobs that literally put her mortal danger due to known health conditions two months before retirement. You suddenly get your first bad review. Many companies give termination reviews and as one person put it, with twenty years of sterling reviews, the last review totally trashed their record and the person writing it had only been a supervisor for 4 months.
Then, you walk out with your retirement and the knowledge that if it isn’t enough, you can always get a job as a greeter at Walmart, that is until they check your references and your last supervisor is one of these nut cases. She and another person learned potential employers were sort of being told that they had done nothing for the last two years but wait for retirement. Of course, because they belonged to “alternative religions” and a union, management was afraid to do anything but the new supervisor isn’t afraid to say something. In fact, you have very little recourse except a civil lawsuit against the individual if you are already out of the job for other reasons. You can’t claim unfair termination. I don’t even think there is a legal category for this. Unless someone clues you in, you have no way of even knowing your job record is being trashed.
I have seen this done before. In grad school, I saw an excellent student get turned down for one grad school after another until a helpful secretary informed her that the professor she had spent two graduate years slaving for was writing that she had mental problems brought on by her obesity that she was trying to work out with experiments to learn the causes of obesity in rats. He had actually suggested the thesis to her. It had not been her idea. She sued him in civil court because as she was no longer a student at the university, she had no recourse through the University. I saw grad students trashed and prevented from getting into doctorial programs because the professor was stealing their research and didn’t want them to find out. You pretty much had to be in the University system before the internet to find out these things. There were three civil suits in court while I was a student, one professor being sued by two different students.
You can’t sue a company for what their supervisor or personnel person is saying unless you can document it, document the company approved it and in many states, unless you are still employed. Under today’s distort the facts and say anything about anyone publicly Republican legacy, you would even have trouble suing for defamation of character.
So if you can’t get a job, get a friend to pose as a company seeking a reference to employ you and find out exactly what is being said about you. You may be in for quite a shock.

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