Friday, February 12, 2010

Forecast and faery Finder for Feb. 13, '10

Forecast and Faery Finder
By Janice Scott-Reeder and the Bitwit
Prediction for the future: there is none.

According to Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac, today’s color is blue and the incense is Magnolia. Goddess, I want a Magnolia tree, I just can’t afford the Florida variety.
Today is the Roman Parentalia.


Astrologically, the New Moon is at 9:51 PM EST at Twenty Five Degrees, 18 minutes of Aquarius.
Keep your ego in check for a couple of days as argument will ensue.
News around lunch time proves that you really do reap what you sow. Divine justice is in play. Tonight the new moon in Aquarius has us seeking the newest in electronics and also coming up with some offbeat ideas. Old hurts, pains and injuries are resolved for the good of all involved and the metaphysical is in play. This is an excellent time for a late night psychic reading on the east coast. The west coast can start much earlier and have a romantic evening.

Deck: Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea.

Today’s Tarot Card is the Seven of Wands: fortitude. Truth is being devoured by the crabs of illusion. I love that imagery. If you have ever seen a bunch of crab eats, you know it is a horrible sight and the victim is often still alive as they pinch off little pieces and eat them. That is what is happening and it is making it next to impossible to maintain what you believe. The majority will desert you but you need to stand firm in your convictions. They are weak and in the long run, they will reap what they deserve. You will have your self respect and be able to hold your head high.

Deck: Healing with the Fairies.
The Faeries say:
Today is an excellent day to just stop and raise your standards.
Today’s Cat Comfort Card is:
Catastophe: “What a mess! Get that problem sorted out today before it escalates.”

Deck: The Fairies’ Oracle by Brian Froud & Jessica MacBeth
Today’s Faery Finder is on the lookout for:
The Laume is the head of her clan of troupe a Fae who oversee charity. Her domain is unconditional giving and receiving. These fae will use whoever is available to give what is needed, so make certain you are always ready to dig in and help out.

Today’s Lo Shu Number is 4 and the Element is Wood. The Rat finds conflict today but the Horse has ease. Today is an auspicious day for haircuts, signing contracts and gambling but NOT for births.

Today’s Message from the Universe is: “I stop now and I quiet all inner agitation. I peacefully and calmly take the time to appreciate the beauty of everything around me as well as the beauty of my Soul. I listen to nature’s messages an to the music of the Universe. In this peaceful state, my higher self guides me gently toward the fulfillment of my destiny.” Annie Marquier creating a world of peace one thought at a time.


I think those biopsies just took waaaaay tooooo much out of me. I am still exhausted. George just removed the bandage and, thank the Goddess, I have stopped bleeding but not hurting. George gets to have his scraped off, however, my results are not in. That is not a good sign or they came back, the doctor had already left on vacation and wants to talk to me. That’s not good either. A little hint in the medical world: any time they want you to come in to get your results, it is really bad. Otherwise we give them to you over the phone.
Life in Catdom is odd. Napoleon and Boogaboo were caught wearing my Goddess caftan. Cross dressing at such a young age, what is next? Then came the great lox adventure. Prescious screams like a banshee when I get the lox out for my breakfast. I finally got him a piece off and dropped it on the floor. Don’t worry, for lox they will clean the floor. Over runs Boogaboo, so Prescious must lift his head and growl at Boogaboo. It’s a Y chromosome thing. Then both of them drop their noses to the floor at the same time, but it is clean! The last thing anyone saw was Fiona’s skinny little black tail disappearing into the living room! The boys never learn. Take your eyes off your meat and it belongs to Fiona.
I got my new credit card today with Napoleon’s picture on it! Yes, he is now featured on my credit card. He has usurped my Facebook page and now the credit card. You are next.
Unemployed? You had better start strangling your Republican Congressperson. There are two important parts missing from the new jobs bill: an extension of COBRA and the unemployment benefits. That’s what they removed. Of course, it won’t hurt the bank or wall street boys. The insurance companies are clapping having a drink tonight. That’s several months of cheap insurance you will now pay full price full if you can get it. Let’s not forget those pre-existing conditions they can refuse you insurance for. Aren’t you proud of yourself for killing the health care reform bill?
It is estimated that states will begin dropping you from the unemployment rolls as early as the twenty second to twenty eighth of February in preparation for the loss of money. That’s week after next. So, you have better adjust what is left your food budget accordingly and maybe get the location of the nearest soup kitchen. It is still winter….Oh, and to add to fun and games, Blue Cross is raising premiums by as much as 46% within a month. The Obama administration is trying to negotiate with them, the Democrats in Congress have called for an investigation since their profits for last year were obscene, but as one pundit put it, unless they think it will be public relations nightmare, they don’t have to answer to anyone, not Congress, not the President. They are after all, now a person with the same rights as a person thanks to the Republican loaded Supreme Court. Don’t you just feel all warm and fuzzy? I don’t but then again, I don’t have Blue Cross for insurance. J I think I’ll take the Republican view point and just not care. Hey, if you can’t afford our health insurance, you can take another option which happens to be: just die. We import our maids and outsource our jobs. Who cares about you? You are just taking up valuable space I could use for my new Olympic sized swimming pool.
When they tell you that you are mortgaging your children and your children’s future just keep one thing in mind. Right now, unless you are independently wealthy, your children HAVE NO FUTURE! With healthcare the way it is, insurance prices going up yearly, remember Blue Cross at 46%…do you think the others won’t be on that bandwagon?…food prices escalating, no unemployment compensation after 13 or twenty six weeks…the later is half a year, six months….. foreclosures, others holding on by a thread, unemployment at 10% or more and new employment is mostly for blue collar jobs, your future and mine is to die in poverty, probably painfully without medical care. Your children will be considering a job at Mickey D’s a real score and only the rich will be affording an education. No matter what happens, the next generation will not enjoy the standard of living some of you did for a while. There is no way out of this hole. The only people that will be paying that mortgage they are squealing about is THEM and they know it. That’s why they are so desperate. They don’t want you to mortgage THEIR multimillion dollar life style to feed your children and give them medical care. They control 96% of all the money in country. Who do you think will be paying the majority of taxes: THEM.
I have spent most of my life working for the rich and the powerful and one thing I will guarantee you, they don’t care whether you starve to death or not. That’s how they got all that money in the first place. You are replaceable, preferably with someone cheaper and with a lesser knowledge of English so they won’t know what is going on.


kevin said...

You are delusional, and live in a make-believe world where your utopian ideas flourish for the good of all mankind! The problem is, no society has ever flourished under socialism. It is idealistic, but not workeable in real life.

A caste system is required in any society.

It is so fortunate that Obamacare will be defeated. Because, under Obamacare, we would lose another one million jobs (mostly high-paying.....yiu know, the ones who pay for all of the entitlements that you and Barrack want for our society). If you want to learn more about the impact of Obamcare on jobs in medical sales, visit

aswesow said...

Well I don't think you are delusional. Cynical perhaps. So far as I can tell, social democracy has worked in societies all over the globe. Worked perfectly? I suppose not.Caste system, well maybe it's a matter of perspective, or maybe Kevin is delusional

Janice Scott-Reeder said...

Exactly how expanding medical care can cause a loss of jobs in the medical profession has me totally puzzeled. Last month the Tea Baggers were claiming there wouldn't be enough medical personel to handle all the new patients. Get your stories straight guys.