Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Evil Black Box in the Corner

Conspiracy Theorists, why do you miss the real conspiracies?

Okay folks listen up because you have no idea what is being done to you and I almost succumbed last week myself and I KNOW better.

Two dental offices I have been and one doctor’s office have a nice flat screen TV, mounted on the wall in a corner, continuous playing a “medical” channel. I am sitting in the dental office for about 30 minutes, since I was early, and this TV is playing a closed loop of cosmetic dental procedures. No one is really watching this thing. The volume is just on the edge of your hearing range so you can’t understand what is being said without straining a bit. Suddenly, I began to wonder if I should ask the dentist about getting veneers when I slapped myself up side the head and asked where that stupid thought came from. I am almost 59, married, and except for staining, my smile is fine. I went through braces. Why would I spend a fortune getting veneers? Well, I do already have the hole in my head.
So I looked around the room and my eyes came to rest on the TV and I almost slapped myself up side the head, again. After the Endocrinologist I had even tried out one of the recipes for low carbohydrate mashed potatoes. Even more amazing, I remembered it!
I, the woman with ten years experience doing clinical hypnosis, expertly trained in the art and qualified to teach, had just been hypnotized without her permission and I am in the 18% of the population that is virtually unhypnotizable. I am really, really good at what I do.
How, you ask, did this happen?
When you learn hypnosis, you learn a series of steps to put a person in a “trance state” in layman’s terms. In professional terms it is a hypnogogic state (a term coined by Alfred Maury) that exists between wakefulness and sleep. It is nothing more than a profound state of relaxation in which you are very suggestible because you will agree to most anything to continue over the line to sleep. We learn to keep you in this state. To do this, you have to bypass the conscious mind that wants to know what we are going to do and to analyze the entire session.
The very first step is have a person focus on a point in front and above them. This causes the eyes to begin to roll back in the head. Go ahead and try it, I’ll wait. This has a very simple effect. When you are relaxing deeply, or passing out, your eyes roll back into your head. Your body is not that smart. So, when your eyes roll back into your head, after a few minutes it says, “I am relaxed because if I wasn’t relaxed, my eyes wouldn’t be in this position.” as a result you begin to release the brain chemicals that relax you because that has to what is happening.
The second step is to begin to lower your voice into a sing song pattern, just on the edge of the person’s hearing so they now have to strain to hear your instructions. When you are relaxing, first the sounds of the room begin to fade and by emulating that occurrence, you are once more reinforcing to your brain that you are relaxed and it relaxes you more.
Then you begin to lead the person into a visualization that they have no trouble agreeing with. Your teeth are stained, not white enought and you want a nice smile. Can you disagree with that? Next thing you know, you want really expensive veneers or you are trying a recipe and telling the doctor you want the glucose monitor on the TV in the waiting room because as soon as you get it, you will famous, thin and healthy and maybe even get a sexy wife or husband. You have been totally hypnotized.
The thing is, I know the doctors and dentists have no idea this being done, because it is being done to them and their staff. Identifying with the fake staff in the video, they are now being convinced their clients are going to love them, be cured and happy if they recommend these products and procedures.
You see, you don’t not hear things. If you are sitting there reading your magazine or book or booking appointments you are not blocking the effects of this insidious little black box in corner, you are actually making its job easier. You are keeping your conscious mind that says you don’t need this crap busy and allowing the information to seep into your subconscious mind without a single rational filter that would be screaming: We can’t afford this! There is no escape from it.
Does the company that places these TV’s know what they are doing? Do you really think they are going to put a specially made TV into an office, mount it and provide this slick professional half an hour to hour loop of programming out of the goodness of their little corporate hearts? Think again. These are people who specialize in brain washing their sales people, employees and teaching them to manipulate customers. They don’t do anything that doesn’t have a guaranteed profit.
They once gave my doctor a whole case of wonderful glucose monitors to give out to patients, FREE. They even had a couple of weeks of supplies with them. When I sent in the prescription for the supplies, the insurance company promptly sent me an even better free monitor and refused to pay for the supplies for the other one. Why? That particular free model had the most expensive supplies on the market. A first time user had nothing to compare them to and had no idea how badly they were being screwed.
Now, I want you to think about something else. How many of you got that nice flat screen TV you sit glued to? How many of you mounted it on the wall above eye level so everyone could watch it and anyway…that was in the instruction manual? Have you considered Madison Avenue is now hypnotizing you into buying their products? Have you wondered why you are hooked on watching such insane programming? Have you wondered why ratings really don’t seem to play a part in what stays on and what doesn’t? I find these shows so irritating I cannot stand to watch them but, the reason I can’t be hypnotized easily is because I had nightmares and night terrors as a child. Sleep is not a nice place for me to go. I fight it with ounce of my mind and thus, I also fight hypnosis and most of the programming on TV.
So you might say, about that rating comment, what do you mean. I mean some really good programming is dumped in favor of stupid. Stupid has product placement in it. They say HBO and the rest have no commercials but that is only because the commercial is within the program. You see the characters using specific products prominently placed in the scenes. If is actually a more powerful advertising than commercials. Like the actor, emulate the actor and buy the product. Simple.
How do they know it is working? Take a look at your receipt next time you go to a store. Everything you bought down to the moment you bought it is on that receipt and in the store computer ostensibly for inventory purposes. If you shop with a card, even a debit card, you are identifying your personal shopping habits. Some stores don’t even handle the inventory information. It goes directly to the manufacturer and they automatically ship out replacement inventory every week. One thing you are guaranteed is that this information is not private or kept in any secure location. It could be hacked in moments.
That’s how they know it is working. They can coordinate who owns the cable or satellite account, the location of the TV, the exact programs being watched and when, the locations of the nearest stores and from those stores they can lift what you are buying and know whether their program is working or not.
Do you know why they call it prime time? It is after dinner, you are full and drowsy, and it is the prime time to run commercials to hypnotize you into buying while you are tired and ready for bed. That’s why Leno failed at 10 PM. His show was too relaxing. People were fighting the advertising trying to stay awake for the news. Conan failed at 11:30 PM. His show was too active. It woke you out of the hypnogogic trance. However after midnight when you already mostly asleep, it was active enough to pull you up into the hypnogogic state out of a sleep state. Remembering dozing off and waking up? This is why you never go to sleep with the TV or the radio running. You will wake up wanting something you don’t really need or even worse, believing something you would never buy into in the cold light of day. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I spent 3 years working for the largest newspaper chain in the country, half of that time in the advertising department. I am also good at designing advertising that sells products.
How effective and scientific is all this? The ads for the tobacco companies used to arrive from Madison Avenue via courier in a security envelope with a physical seal on the back that only I was allowed to break. In the envelope was instructions on the section and the page the ad was to be placed upon. It was camera ready and no alteration, not even shrinking or increasing it a 1/10 of an inch was allowed. They would measure it when the newspaper came out! What do you think???? Do you think they went to all of the trouble for fun?

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