Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Forecast for Feb 11, '10

Forecast and Faery Finder
By Janice Scott-Reeder and the Bitwit


Astrologically, Venus enters Pisces at 7:10 AM EST. Put on the rose colored glasses and let the romance begin.
The Moon enters Aquarius at 6 twenty four PM EST.
A surprise emotional outburst has your head spinning for most of the day. Come late night, the communications are flying via phone and the internet.


It isn’t much of a forecast but I am exhausted. I started the day with a couple of hours sleep due to restless legs and a 7:45 AM appointment with the dermatologist. I was frozen, stuck with nasty burning needles and biopsied. If I have to have another chunk removed from my face I am going to scream so you might want to stick your fingers in your ears in 10 days. The one on my back over spine is most probably cancer. Little pieces of me are being whacked away. Then George had a 9 AM appointment, so we skipped across the street for a BK breakfast. I managed about 3 bites before doubling, over again. On the way in from there to Dermatologist, again, I noticed a gastroentologist across the hall and went in and made an appointment. All his patients were friendly and seemed really happy with him so I think my psychic led me in the right direction. Poor George got his wart burned off his hand and he keeps hitting it. I know how that feels because the biopsy on my back is not a happy camper. I managed a ten minute nap and then I had the dentist at 3 PM. On the way we had decided to wander into an organic produce place. Shock upon shock, the plants are raised hydroponicly using a drip system. It was something to see and to copy. I have never seen plants being commercially raised outside via hydroponics.
We got the estimate on the work on my teeth and it is always a good thing to be sitting down. The nice thing is he is taking a much more conservative approach than the previous two doctors were going for and hence the price is very reasonable. It is just so much work that it looks like my national debt. Well, I guess there really wasn’t anything else I wanted for Valentine’s Day. I’m not a big fan of candy or cut flowers. I think the price of roses this year will buy me a crown.
We had dinner at IHOP and came home where I finally collapsed. I am too exhausted to even think. We had to turn the heaters on because the temperature is dropping like a rock. It is 55 on the coast right now and they expect it be below 39 where I am tonight.
Speaking of psychic; as I stepped out the door to go to the dentist, something said look left and I turned. I always follow those commands as they have kept me from getting a bullet in my head more than once. This time was a rarer occasion. Standing up on her hind legs, looking the living room window was the Kitwit’s (Napoleon, Purdy von Sweets, Josephina and Purrbie) mother, Moon Faery, from the shop! She found her way to the house and found her kittens, now cats! I know Purrbie was looking back out at her. Next thing I know, Howler will be at the front door.

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