Sunday, February 21, 2010

Forecast for 02/22/10

Forecast and Faery Finder and
A Teaser for Magickal Products to Come
By Janice Scott-Reeder and the Bitwit

According to Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac, today’s color is white and the incense is Neroli.
Today is the Roman Caristia.


Astrologically, oh heck, it’s Monday. We have do nasty squares, one to Jupiter (money) and one to Venus (social aspects and love). Not only that but my weatherman promises rain all day. I wish we could all stay home and comfy in our beds but since that simply isn’t possible, keep a really low profile.

Deck: Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea.

Today’s Tarot Card is the Six of Swords: Ascendancy. Think out of the box. Get rid of anxiety and your new ideas will bring new understanding and comprehension. The future hold challenges but you are now ready to meet them.

Deck: Healing with the Fairies.
The Faeries say:
It’s hard to detoxify when you want comfort food. One day won’t kill your diet.
Today’s Cat Comfort Card is:
Cata-holic: “Curb your excesses. Everything in moderation.”

Deck: The Fairies’ Oracle by Brian Froud & Jessica MacBeth
Today’s Faery Finder is on the lookout for:
The Singer of Transfiguration makes an appearance this Monday. You have passed through the gate, passed the test and now are deeply transforming yourself. Inner peace is growing and soon you will emerge revitalized.

Today’s Lo Shu Number is 1 and the Element is water. The Rooster finds conflict today but the rabbit has ease. Today is an auspicious day for haircuts and births but not for starting construction.

Today’s Message from the Universe is: “There is no time to lose. I step into action now with energy and determination.” Annie Marquier creating a world of peace one thought at a time.


I think I shall repeat over and over that I am not as fixed in my ways as Napoleon, but I know I will not convince myself. I have slept horribly for two nights and finally this morning around dawn I saw my little blue micro bead pillow I use to prop my knee up. It is navy blue and it blends into everything. I have been looking for it for two days, certain it could have not gotten far. It was under my dark wood Tarot box and blending in just like a chameleon. As soon as I got it under my knee I noticed it is a different height from the other two pillows by less than a half an inch, one above and one below. It made all the difference and I fell into a deep sleep.
Napoleon finally came down while I was doing the horoscope and laid beside me on the new linens. That lasted about two hours and then he made a whining/angry sound that can only be duplicated by teenagers. It is the; “I am so put out….” sound. Immediately you start petting the cat trying to assuage whatever horrible thing has befallen them. He got up and went back to the old linens which I, now, cannot move as they are his security blanket. Goddess, we have both turned into old men. I just noticed that to compensate for the fact that the linens no longer smell like me as they are just washed, he has dragged a pair of my underwear up into the pile. My other clothes are to big to drag.
George has begun work on…this is the teaser…some new powders for circle casting. Let’s face it, most of us either use chalk, salt or our intent to cast a circle. All those things may have been in a component in the ancient times but they were not be all or end all of the process. He has even come up with a new process for making them that had me so excited I offered up a piece of my equipment and you know how possessive I am of my tools. We are talking ‘cut you fingers off’ possessive here. Anyway, he wisely declined and we will get him some new ones. However, I am really excited about this as hey, be real, nothing new has really come out in the magickal (I just won a fight with the spell checker by highlighting and then adding the word before hitting the space bar!) arena for a while. We are just rehashing old formulas and techniques. They work, but doesn’t something new excite you?
Speaking of oils, powders and their formulas. One of the main differences between buying Wiccan, Pagan or Root made formulas verses the mass produced much cheaper versions, aside from intent, is the base. In all the handmade formulas, a natural and specific base is used. In the mass produced, the oil’s base tends to be a synthetic that cannot spoil and the powder base tends to be talc. None of the ingredients are in the original formulas. Actually, the base was part of the magickal formula, though most people tend to have conveniently forgotten that because vegetable magick is a forgotten art and synthetics don‘t spoil. Now, when you stop and think that the base in the formula is perhaps 90% of the product, don’t you think that it might be a rather important ingredient. Also, in powders, corn starch is highly absorbent and talc repels liquids.
Now for a little lesson I probably should make you pay for. Oh, what the heck, I am writing anyway. The base of cornmeal is used in many powders. There is also a book called the Black Pullet. Now, let me explain the symbolism behind all of it. Black chicken eggs have been used for centuries to remove negativity and disease from people and situations. The egg was then cracked open and if the insides were found to be discolored, the spell was successful Then again, in an era without refrigeration, all you really needed was an old egg to produce the effect or a sharp pin to open the insides to air and bacteria. The latter part of this is nothing more than showmanship. But the first part is sympathetic magicks. Yes, the word is supposed to be plural because a spell involves more than one magickal form. The chicken is black, black absorbs all light and therefore, her egg would absorb disease and all the bad stuff floating around. You will even find in old texts that specific colors of eggs and specific eggs were collected from certain colored birds for these purposes. Corn is something that chicken really get off on. Take that from a kid who used to spend the daylight hours on the porch playing and watching the little suckers so they wouldn’t discover their wings and take off for the eating corn patch as gospel. They say chickens will rid your garden of bugs, but they will also eat your ripe vegetables and sometimes the green ones. Anyway, back to magick, though many a day I did considering cursing those chickens, corn meal attracts the master “Black Pullet” which depending on her use either protects you from “black workings” by eating them (the workings) or can be used to attack another person who is using “black workings”. That is also why anyone keeping a yard of black chickens was looked upon with suspicion as they might be making a deal with the Black Pullet to keep from being attacked by her by keeping her minions in good shape and happy. “See how nice I treat your babies. Leave me alone to my evil work.” was the thought. That is why talc based powers just seem so flat. Talc is a mineral and not an organic compound.
From somewhere Napoleon found a piece of newspaper which he immediately began shredding for a new bed and I immediately began yelling at him as a cat can shred better than any cross cut shredder you can buy. So, he stops and begins to shred the paper really slowly and quietly, as though the noise is the problem. That cat is too smart.
Geez folks, where is the Republican Party digging these people up? I mean really. Where do you get that many really gullible, stupid people who haven’t seen a news’ cast, read a paper, been on the internet or had a thought in years. What is the latest stupidity to come out of their mouths? Please swallow before reading this because I do not want to be responsible for ruining your keyboard or laptop. Al Gore made up Global Warming to make millions selling his book. Once you wipe the tears out of your eyes from laughing, do you remember it was just 9 short years ago that the big issue in the Bush/Gore campaign was how much money Al Gore had and how much money his wife was worth? Yup, they are richer than god. If they went on a spending spree, they would still die independently wealthy. I don’t think he needed to take all the time and work necessary in writing book for the money. Second, you might want to check and see where the money from the book goes. No, I am not telling you. I want you to stop sharing space with an Ostrich.
Now, let me debunk another ‘fact’. There is no global warming because polar bear populations are increasing. Polar bears are a threatened species and have been on the no hunt list since ‘04 in an effort to increase their populations. It has worked and populations have very gradually increased but it has nothing to do with global warming existing or not. It is solely due to the efforts of mankind to preserve the species. People, they are lying to you. Just spend five minutes and check these “facts”. Checking this one took me less than 3 minutes. I timed it.


aswesow said...

Don't know nothing bout no black pullets hocus pocus...but I do like the blue eggs...don't know why...just to be different I suppose. Back when I was selling eggs tho, it's amazing how many folks would refuse the blue eggs...go figure. It amazes me how many "christians" doubt global warming(climate change may be a better term, wasn't it so cold in Florida that lizzards were falling out of trees?). Yet it is fairly clear in our Book that it will happen...not that we should just sit by and watch it tho. Now you and that cranky old cat have a good nights sleep after you drag out them old sheets! There ain't nothing wrong with that you know. Napoleon's reluctance to change is programed into him by a higher power...for his good and the good of the species. Tell me it ain't served him well?
George...I used to circle my brother with grain dust...oh that is bad, forgive me Lord. He thought he was possessed!

Janice Scott-Reeder said...

The climate will swing to extremes until it settles into really hot. We had SNOW! Real Snow. I was in the last snow in Miami and it was nothing more than a flurry that didn't even hit the ground. People found their cars powdered in ice and snow. We lost a lot of iguanas, not that anyone is complaining, 10% of the manatees and 50% of the strawberry crop. They announced all storms will now be much worse than before. We will have less hurricanes but they will be CAT 4 and above. Oh happy day!