Sunday, April 3, 2011

Forecast for Monday, 04/04/11

The tomato is ready to be picked. Now teachers, pay attention. When the kids say the computer ate my CD, they aren't kidding. I can't post any pictures because the computer ate one CD, the drive won't open and thus I can't install the program to take the pictures off my camera. Thus, there will be no pictures of the tomato yet. I am really, really coming to hate computers.

Today's Tarot Card is the Six of Wands reversed. Success is not in the cards today.

Neptune enters Pisces, its home, at 9:50 AM EDT. This can bring a good return to romance or nostalgia or a totally unrealistic view of the world and everyone in it. So far the latter is ruling.

The Moon is Void of Course from 6:04 AM EDT to 7:46 PM EDT when she enters Taurus. That will pretty much blow the whole day. Taurus is a very possessive and greedy position for the moon. Do not try to borrow anything until Thursday and respect other people's space. Otherwise, there will be arguments. Taurus also likes rich foods so watch out for over indulgence or you will pay the price.
The evening is a nice respite from the frantic communications of the morning hours. Light some candles, play some soft music and let romance into your life this evening. Or, you could just meditate. It will be an excellent time for readings and I will be doing all my mail order and email readings this evening while the shop is closed.

On that note, please remember, the shop is closed on Mondays.

Someone pointed out that when working on or against a group of people, the poppets and candles get expensive really fast and she was not kidding. If you consider at least 5 bucks a person and you have five people you are working on, that is $25.00. A dear friend made a suggestion several years ago and I found it to be a really good one. She uses worry dolls. There are five or six little dolls in the pack I sell and they come with their own bag and a string long enough to get it over your head.
Before anyone has kittens, one of the main uses for these dolls is a hostile work environment. You name the dolls, fill the bag with soothing herbs like lavender, a stone to absorb negativity like kyanite or black tourmaline and wear the bag to work. Every time things start to get hairy, you rub the bag, recite the players names and concentrate on a nice calming light blue or pink light surrounding them. You will be surprised how fast it diffuses a situation.
Another use is to name the dolls after family members and use herbs with protective qualities, a black onyx for grounding and something of your family members to keep your loved ones safe. You can do the same thing for prosperity and I always use some High John the Conqueror in the bag. Just don't forget to name each doll. You may never remove them again from the bag, but each one needs a name that goes in the bag. You can keep the extras to whisper your worries to and put them under your pillow at night.

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