Friday, April 1, 2011

Your Forecast for Saturday, 04/02/11

This has been a day getting supplies. Learned the hard way it is cheaper to get a double script than a large dose single on. So if you take 200 mg, you can get 2 bottles of 100 mg cheaper at Target. Time to call the doctor and get a new reality check.

I had quite a shock last night when George noticed something "funny" in the photos I took of our Union Solidarity Protest. So, I enlarged the "strange thing" and it is the picture on this blog. (Sorry, I just realised I am on another computer and the picture isn't on this one so I am including a link to the album.) There are a lot of really strange things about this "thing". First off, on Facebook, there is whole album of these photos on The Cosmic Salamander page. There are two photos of George and the only difference between them is a few seconds and me pulling the camera lens out to get a wider shot of the banner. I never moved. The photo is taken without flash because it was high noon and really bright and sunny. (Trust nose got a little sun burn.) The other weird thing is the light that is lit in the photo, is on a string of lights that burned out. It is not even plugged into an electrical outlet and the light right next to it, is not lit. Thus, this thing is emitting energy. We have more orbs around here than anywhere I have ever seen. Is this a daylight orb? I have seen them with my naked eye in the daytime but they were way 3 - 4 feet in diameter. Is it a fire spirit? I just take the pictures. I don't explain them.
Today's Tarot Card is the King of Wands and Justice. A loud mouth and not thinking can get you into a lawsuit or some sort of legal problem today.

Mars enter Aries at 12:51 AM EDT where he is very happy to start wars, arguments and burn things down.

The void of course ends at 7:16 AM EDT when the Moon enters Aries and emotions run really hot. This is a moon during which you fall in love quickly and regret it at your leisure.
A major aspect lasting most of this week, brings a strong desire to return to the past, but the past that is remembered never existed. That makes it a little hard to return there.
The morning starts with loads of energy, tons of energy and you had best find an outlet because old Uranus joins the party an hour later and that can cause accidents, head injuries and arguments. Thus, get out of bed and get to work before something takes that energy and uses it the wrong way. By late night you may dis cover for all that work, you really didn't make a single change but hey, at least some things are really, really clean and organized. That counts!
Tomorrow is the New Moon.

Happily our government went home for the weekend and as Mark Twain once said, "No man is safe when Congress in in session." What has been happening all over the country is unbelievable. The entire Union system is being dismantled and that means collective bargaining. Our public schools are being starved to death along with law enforcement and emergency care.
In Florida, our goobenor is trying to kill all our public hospitals and have only private hospitals. Our medicare patients are going to be thrown into "managed care" which just coincidentally was our goobenor's last job before he resigned over that little medicare fraud problem. The huge tax breaks for Florida corporations are turning out to very, VERY selective. By that I mean, they are benefiting one corporation at a time and I'll let you guess what the criteria for that is. Yes, my friends, Florida will be broke and corporation friendly and the corporations running the state will all be friends of our goobenor. Not only are we now governed by the Tea Party but we will soon be owned by it and they are not going to turn out to be your beer guzzling, red neck NASCAR neighbor. Nope, they are not Joe Everyman around the corner. He just got sold down the river. They are going to turn out to be the Christian Supremacist Millionaire's Club. Just remember which psychic told you that next time you want a reading. I really am darned accurate! I also may be changing my name and moving to Costa Rica. Oh come on, do you really think I would tell you where I am really going? My Momma didn't raise dumb kids.

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