Monday, April 4, 2011

Forecast for Tuesday, 04/05/11

Shopping wore me out, so I am going to call it an early night and work on readings tomorrow. I am about ready to fall nose first into the keyboard.
The tomato weighed in at 11.4 ounces and is now ripening indoors for use on a big BLT!
I bought another catnip plant and gave the shop cats a leaf. Isis really wasn't affected that much. Loki went over and laid down to enjoy the high. Bitwit went WILD, missed the 2' x 4' shelf and had to scrabble up. Then she got the munchies and went after the coconut macaroons. No more nip for Bitwit.

Today's Tarot Card is the Page of Swords and the Ten of Pentacles. A serious young man in authority claims to be able to get you money, but he is just blowing smoke and may be a con artist.

Dreams tonight provide the lessons you need to move forward. You will start the morning with change on your mind and work hard at making progress. Although the evening is social, don't get too serious because the Moon goes void of course at 7:02 PM EDT and won't be out of it until THURSDAY! There will be a lot of chafing at restrictions and lack of money in late night, particularly since you are pretty sure someone has it and could give it to you if they would.......

An aspect that is approaching brings sudden windfalls and also the possibility of strokes. Be careful out there. you can win big or have a serious medical problem. Learn the symptoms of a stroke!

Those of you on Facebook, got to see a photo of Napoleon last night that was very incriminating. This is what happens when I doze off reading on my back. I become a chaise lounge!

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