Sunday, April 10, 2011

Your Forecast for Monday, 04/11/11

How much is that kitty in the display case?
4 ones! I love numbers.
Today was my day in the garden. George filled the 'found' huge plastic storage container with soil and cow manure and I planted two tomatoes, a couple of the ancient peppers George grew from seeds, reincarnated carrots and potatoes and tomorrow I put some seeds in. Oh, there is one cinnamon basil plant in there.
The baby fig tree went into a big green ice bucket I bought when BJ's reduced them. Hey, you can't get a pot that big for 5 bucks. Now if I can sweet talk George into dragging its mate and my large fig tree from the house, I will have a matched pair! I think I am going to have to bring the Daturas to the shop because the lucky nut tree is so big, it is shading them a bit too much. Soon I will have the area out there ready for sitting and rituals.
I have to tell you, the mosquitoes are so bad they will carry you off. I had a glades mosquito land on me and those things are HUGE!
Farming is much easier when all you have to do is point and click.
Tomorrow we do the Costco run and get a supply of Greek yogurt in. I like theirs better. George loves their heavy bread and Vanwitch loves their gas! I wouldn't be going except I got our rebate check for the year and add a couple of chickens to order and I have spent it. The easiest way to save money is to not go anywhere that you can spend it. So, I have cut all trips to Costco down to every 2.5 weeks and am trying to keep BJ's down to once a week. Eventually the bank will let us have George's retirement we scrimped and saved for for 35 years. That will happen after they squeeze every drop of money out of they can make.

Today's Tarot card is the Five of Pentacles. That is the card for the times. You keep getting rejected as you try to get into things and it is because the decisions are made before you apply.

The Second Quarter of the Moon begins at 8:05 AM EDT at 21Cancer16. Time to check on your progress and make any need adjustments to continue the momentum.

The Moon is Void of Course from 8:05 AM to 11:37 PM EDT and that my friends makes it one of those Mondays. I am glad the shop is closed on Monday and all I need to do is a little gardening.
The Moon enters Leo at 11:37 PM EDT and all the world is a stage and everyone is trying to get in the spotlight. Unfortunately, there is just one spotlight and very little empathy.

An aspect lasting a couple of weeks brings fire to earth changes now. OUCH! Trying to do anything fast or to start anything meets with a brick wall nicely constructed by those in authority or your elders.
An aspect lasting a couple of days brings rapid and profuse communications. This is the aspect where you get tongue tied because you are tyring to talk too fast. Think before you communicate.

A very early morning call can easily turn into an argument and you really didn't need that after you spent part of the night paying for that rich meal you ate. By morning, you are not feeling yourself and then everything goes half assed backwards. This is a great day to hide under the bed. By late tonight you will be so befuddled and confused you won't know what is going but the good news is, you aren't alone.

In case you are wondering what a reincarnated carrot and potato are, they are the tops and the eyes respectively. When you cut the top off a carrot, you can actually stick it in the ground a grow another one. You can also do that with Romaine lettuce. Ofcourse, you grow potatoes from the eyes. I eat so many ancient peppers that George saved the seeds and planted them. Who know what will really grow from them!

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