Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I won't be writing much....

I have been hearing from my friends that they are exhausted. They simply cannot face the day when they awaken. They cannot escape the depression. I understand because I am, too, am simply sick at heart.
Today I was in Michaels and the woman behind me asked the cashier if they had a flier she could have. The answer is always "no". I turned around and asked her if she needed a flier or the 40% off coupon? Everything I had was already on sale or 1.00 stuff. She wanted the coupon, so I handed it to her. She was so shocked all she could mutter was, "You're a nice person." I thought she was going to cry.
That my friends, is BAD. That act shouldn't shock anyone. It should be normal.
Then I look at what is going on in politics and I am sick at heart. So many of my friends depend on social security and Medicare, are rightfully scared to death of HMO's and are disabled. Some have children in school and were hoping for a good education and maybe a job. The rest tend to be out of work right now and not even an interview on the horizon. Then the news breaks that Medicare and Social Security are on the "bargaining table". Never in history have they been on the bargaining table along with a tax increase for the middle and lower class and more tax breaks for the uber rich and corporations while the small business is penalized for existing.
It makes me sick at heart that this country has moved so far from its values of family and community that it values the rights of coorporations and the rich over everyone else and pits citizen against citizen with the false war cries of Prolife, Deficit Spending and Bankruptcy. The only thing bankrupt in this country is morals and they are on empty, along with empathy, sympathy and common sense.
I can no longer take it.
Fortunately, I am psychic and George and I prepared for this day years ago. We lived very conservatively.  We will survive. So many of my friends will not. The Salamander may have to move to the country so we can raise our own food, but we will survive.
I have spent the last weekend studying articles that you probably never want to wade through going back 10 years. I will summarize them for you. By playing on the fear and paranoia of a small segment of the population, the corporations, controlled and owned by the uber rich, have been able since the Carter administration to remove almost all regulations and taxes from themselves simply by making it easy for Congresspeople (who tend to be vain and not too bright and easy to lure with the promise of more power) to simply do nothing. In other words, you never saw the laws or the bills because they never happened. It was simply a failure to act, failure to reign in the corporate and personal greed, failure to create a regulatory committee when they could just let them regulate themselves and finally they kept you occupied with fake issues like abortion, deficits and wars. Meanwhile, they gutted the country, moved your money overseas and got the hades out of Dodge (USA). Those that remain live in compounds guarded by a private security force with plenty of stored food and their own power sources. Don't believe me? Google satellite images of their "compounds".
No one saw it happening or coming because how do you see inaction?
We are now in the last phase: gutting all social programs and safety nets for no other purpose than to wring the last penny out of the middle and lower classes. They just can't get enough money! It is an obssession!
It doesn't matter what we do, because the decisions will be made before the next election. The deal is already signed and sealed and you, my friends, are up the creek without a paddle. They will wring every penny out of this country within the next year and leave it broke and broken with nothing but a virtually slave labor force that will do anything for a menial job. The next generation will be uneducated and in poverty and it will have nothing to do with spending in Washington on healthcare and everything to do with NO JOBS that pay anything.
The Deficit is a Myth. There is plenty of money. It just happens to be tax free and heading to other countries in the pockets of less than 1% of the population.
The Abortion Issue is a nothing more than a money maker. Yes, they care about those poor little babies. Have you ever stopped to think how much a baby makes corporate America in profit? Those diapers probably cost a nickel to produce and the same with the can of formula. Vaccines are about 50 cents to produce. Then think of all the other things like car seats, clothes, toys and daycare. However, when the kid reaches 6 or school age, the profit margin hits a sharp decline and the only thing they are good for is cheap labor. On the other side, an abortion produces how much profit and for whom? Pretty much zip. Yes, you have been sold up the creek without a clue. Why else do you think birth control pills are so expensive and often not covered by insurance? There is no profit in not having babies. Every social issue you have donated your pennies to is nothing more than a cover for sheer unbridled greed by Corporate America. Stop and think about it. Just 5 dollars and we can buy another ad to combat those devils on the other side. My email is full of them.
Yes, it is a conspiracy but not some dark, shady one. It is simply profit and profit and more profit.
My next prediction is the banks will be able to take your home and car if you fall behind on your credit card debt and you will happily embrace it over jail.
You buy American thinking you helping the economy but only the economy of Ireland or the Cayman Islands. Your money doesn't stay here. That's how the Corporations avoid taxes. They claim the money is made overseas paying for their manufacturing over there and claim a loss here after they move it.
You were too busy trying to make a better life for yourself and your children that you never saw it coming. That better life is never coming.
I am sick. I am really, really sick.

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