Friday, April 29, 2011

Your Weekend Forecast for 04/30 and 05/01

Happy Beltain and May Day! Light your bonfires. Get the Mead out and let's all have a really good time! Napoleon says there had better be catnip involved....

Saturday is one of those days when you feel like you are on a spinning wheel...and where she stops...nobody knows!
You have two major aspects lasting to around Friday that are conflicting. One brings rapid financial news and expansion in the financial sectors. It also really fans the flames of FIRE. So if you are in a fire prone area, be very, very careful. Unfortunately it can also bring hurricanes and more tornadoes. You really don't want the God of War joining up with Jupiter the great expander in Aries, a fire sign. Then to make it worse The Goddess of Love, Venus is at odds with the great restrictor, Saturn and people may get dumped because their partner just thinks they don't look good enough on their arm. Yeesh! This is not a good week for social events and if you are in the beauty business...oh dear. People want everything yesterday.
You will awaken feeling like the world is closing in you. By noon, you seem to doing alright socially and may even have gotten a date. Then the lesson of never taking anything at face value kicks in and you may be sitting all alone. By night, the old phone starts ringing and everyone just wants to talk until the arguments begin. You might want to think about disconnecting the phone and claiming your battery went dead. Ben and Jerry make the best date tonight.

Sunday, emotions are on high in the morning hours and people react really fast to things and a bit over the top. Then your energy level goes WAY up and you really need something physical to do with all that energy. Unfortunately the Moon goes void of course at 11:20 AM EDT, and you wind up spinning your wheels. The void of course will end early tomorrow.

Have the best weekend you can and remember....we are open. Come by a sit a spell or do a spell.

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