Friday, April 22, 2011

Your Weekend Forecast for 04/23-24/11

The Cosmic Salamander will be closed on Saturday (23rd) for Beltain at CUUPS in Ft. Lauderdale. We will reopen on Sunday but be sure to call if you want a reading because Janice has appointments that day.
We are considering closing for a second day of the week just to get things done!

Mercury goes direct at 6:04 AM EDT but before you start the party, keep in mind he is not out of his storm and we aren't out of the woods until May 2nd.
This is a day of squares which produces conflicting energies. Early morning arguments and limitations do not start the day off well. Energy is low and people are a little combative around noon because they just don't feel good. By evening financial news is not good. The Moon goes void of course at 8:13 PM EDT.

The void of course ends at 1:59 PM EDT when the Moon enters Aquarius where lots of things have been done for our own good. Aquarius loves humanity, it is people they hate.  Aquarius rules electricity, eccentricity and all things new.
For the next week teachers may make some progress in getting what they want.
The morning starts off with a good surprise. By night, you are not feeling yourself but try to perk up for the social invitation that is coming your way. Friends may drop in on you.
The 4th quarter of the moon starts at 10:47 PM EDT. Time to finish up things.

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