Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why I am prochoice and unsympathetic

Yes, friends, there really is a reason.
Roe vs Wade passed when I was barely a teenager, not even dating. I had a beautiful, both inside and out, cousin. Unfortunately, diabetis runs in my family and her mother had it. During her pregnancy for her third little girl, she became diabetic. It did not go away after the birth.
Birth control pills were not available back then and in the testing stage. No matter how hard she and her husband had tried, she became pregnant for the fourth time a few of years later. The doctor gave her a choice, terminate the pregnancy or face going blind. There was no either or invovled. If she continued with the pregnancy, she would go blind and she had a husband and 3 little girls to raise in a time before all the nice advances blind people enjoy today.
Neither her husband's minister or her mother's had any problem with her having an abortion, so after a lot of soul searching, she  made an appointment. Because of the diabetis, she needed a precheck up. During the precheckup, these nut cases got her license plate at the clinic and also followed her home.
The next day they descended upon her home and she follishly let them into her house because of one fact we didn't know at the time: she was legally blind and had no idea who she was letting in the house. Two days later, her husband came home unexpectedly and found her hysterical. He then answered the phone and these nut cases were on the phone screaming "Murderer, you are going to kill your child!". There was no reasoning with them. Abortion is murder even if it means the mother must die. By the end of the week, he had to have the phone turned off because no matter how many times they changed the number and unlisted it, they found it. They camped on the lawn until the snow came a week later.
That was the week we came to visit. I was just 12 years old and I came very close to killing one of these "church ladies" when a cop intervened. He asked me an odd question: did my cousin drive us to the pharmacy. I answered yes and when we came out, he drove us home. That was when my mother, her aunt and who she was named after, got the whole story (or so we thought) out of her.
As long as we were there, the problems were taken care of but unfortunately we couldn't stay long and they successfully bullied her into not having the abortion. She was completely blind by the end of the month. She was dead by the end of the next month with the baby she was carrying because she forgot to mention that aside from going blind for certain, there was an 80% chance she could not survive carrying the baby to term and a 70% chance the baby would die.
Two years later, my aunt feeling totally guilty for "giving" her the diabetis, stopped taking her insulin effectively killing herself. My uncle spent many nights talking his son-in-law out of killing himself. Over a mass of undifferentiated cells I lost my beautiful cousin and my favorite aunt. Three little girls lost their mother before  one was even old enough to remember her and a devoted husband lost the love of his life.
By the way, a couple of months after she died, one of the nut cases showed up to see if she could fix him up now that he had three children to raise alone. She had an available daughter...
Do you see why I have no sympathy for these people?
I have no sympathy for anyone who tries to pass their religion into law. More people have been killed in wars over religion than anything else. The World Trade Center was blown up by fanatics every bit as religious and right as those who bullied my cousin into losing her life almost 50 years ago. As the old farmer said when asked the difference between cow manure and sheep manure: "Same product, diffrent manufacturer."
You are entitled to your opinion (religion) but don't try to legislate it into law over my body. Don't try to pass religion off as morality. Don't try to bring an entire country to a halt over a religious issue unless you live in Iran or Iraq.

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