Friday, April 15, 2011

Your Weekend forecast for 04/16-17/11

Don't forget, here at the Cosmic Salamander we are clearing out merchandise that we are no longer going to carry such as books on health, wellness and some healing this weekend Other merchandise is also going as we make room for more and as one person said, "Go more hardcore Magick". I have a huge display of books of shadows planned and I need a shelf! Something must go.

Saturday, the Moon enters Libra at 2:59 AM EDT ending the void of course. Unfortunately it tends to usher in 2 days of superficiality.
Weird dreams dominate your night and a sudden surprise could get you out of bed way before you planned. Make absolutely certain you leave no candles burning overnight!
You are going to be saying, "I get it. It's a lesson. Now get me out of this!" Old emotional wounds surface and there is no closure in sight. Fighting with authorities and elders builds all day until late tonight it could get violent and explosive. Pretty words about how you need to tighten your belt are delivered by men in 5,000 dollar suits. Tomatoes anyone???

Sunday finds arguments that started overnight continuing. More morning bad news about finances has you ready to smack someone by late night.
The Moon goes void of course at 10:44 PM EDT.
She is Full at 10:44 PM EDT at 27Libra44. Happy Full Moon, when we may all be howling at her.

We will be at CUUPS Beltain Celebration next Saturday in the All Purpose Room as usual. The Salamander will be closed that day. If there is anything you need and you really don't want to drive up here - hey I understand, Vanwitch slurps gas..she is a big girl - Call or email us and I will have your order at CUUPS.

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