Saturday, April 9, 2011


It is odd how you ask a question and the answer comes in a really strange manner.
Just before closing, a totally inebriated gentleman showed up for a reading. I had not eaten anything but a couple of hand fulls of nuts since breakfast and was just getting ready to have dinner. George liked him so he was pushing me to do the reading. By the time he got the money and stopped talking to George it was closing time and I was really flaky as my sugar had dropped through the floor. I couldn't even hold my mouse steady enough to harvest my crops for those of you who know what that means. I was really shaky.
I haven't done full mediumship in a few years. Being tired and weak, it was easy to just give up and let my guide take over as if I had a choice. The reading was a smashing hit and he never noticed someone other than me was doing it.
Then I went home and I was still thinking about the question of how people get away with doing such awful things to other people without even a slap on the wrist from the Universe. They seem to thrive, so since my guide was hanging around to make certain I was okay, mediumship takes a lot out of the body, I decided to ask him. He promised an answer this morning and here it is. I guarantee, it is hard to understand unless you are a quantum physicist.
The premise is simple: energy is energy. It is neither positive nor negative. We put those connotations on the energy and by doing so, we create our version of energy as positive or negative. The people doing these awful things actually believe they are doing something positive and hence their results are always positive for them.
WHOA! Have you heard of self sabotage? A person does all the right affirmations, all the right meditations, watches every word they think and say and is still sitting in the dust bin wondering why none of it works simply because they really don't believe it will work or that they don't deserve it to work. Or they have people around them tearing them down and telling them it won't work???
Now let's take our little cloud of neediness that thinks they deserve what you have and intends to take it. Did you catch that???? They think and believe that they are entitled to what you have, thus taking it from you has no instant karmic effect on them because they believe they should have it. Taking it is a positive thing.  However, if you shoplift a loaf of bread you spend the rest of your life running from the cops because you know stealing is wrong.
Now note I said instant karmic effect. Yes, there is a catch. This rule only applies to this particular level of existence. Once you transition to the next one, everything you do is mirrored back upon your head instantly. Everything you did is mirrored back into the scenery you are now living in. Your life is reduced to one feeling and you are trapped in that feeling possibly forever or until you manage to work really, really hard and replace it.
The next question that came forth from me was: How in Hades did some idiot come up with this system? I've really got to stop calling some god an idiot.
In the beginning, there was a beautiful garden planet whose energy worked on a simple exchange principle. Cooperate with each other and with the planet and you had a wonderful vacation from the work of the other dimensions. Yes, this is the heaven, nirvana and summerland. Food was abundant. Every kind of flower bloomed to delight you. The oceans were filled with wonderful life. There was any climate you wanted to enjoy available. You had a body capable of infinite pleasure. It was paradise and as long as everyone cooperated and looked out for each other and didn't harm the planet or each other, it worked.
Then some idiot (oops, did it again) had the wonderful idea that souls that were really damaged could be placed among the others and they would learn to cooperate and join in the wonderful paradise. Gee whiz, look what happened.
There are two reactions to any event. Either you are frightened or you investigate and reach a conclusion. Once fear enters the equation, rationality goes out the window.
A fear based life forms see everything as a threat. If tomorrow morning a fear based person wakes up with their nose pressed against a tree, they are going to scream, back up and run. Now if the tree happens to be on a cliff, they are out of the gene pool.
A rationally based person looks at the bark and concludes it has not hurt them so it probably isn't going to and slowly steps back to see what they woke up facing. Eventually this person see the whole forest. The fear based person will never see anything but that tree.
The fear based person is certain that even though there are 360 degrees in which the tree can fall, it is going to hit them because 1 out of 360 degrees is good odds for getting squished.
The rationally based person knows that even though the odds are 1 in 360, if the tree starts to fall toward them, they can step out of the way. The fear based person will stand and watch it fall on them paralyzed with fear. In short to quote the Dune trilogy, "Fear is the mind killer."
Once fear enters your emotional state, nothing else can get in.
Now someone asked how you can survive without fear because there are some real threats out there, most of them fear based organisms. Since I am actually afraid of nothing, the answer is risk assessment. I was trained from childhood to assess the potential risk in any situation. When everyone else panics I actually become unnaturally calm while I assess the risk potential and chart a course of action. Why? Because panic is useless except for getting you killed. When you panic, you freeze and the got the idea.
Now, when you deal with fear based people you have to realize you cannot reason with them. I am not being nasty. The first thing you learn in psychiatry is to not argue with a depressed person because their view of the world is actually more accurate than yours. In order words: you are going to lose. Thus, you come at them from another direction which is: do you want to continue to feel this way or make a change? Most organisms will choose pleasure over constant panic unless they have become addicted to the panic.
Panic and fear cause a release of hormones and chemicals designed to calm you down so you can function unless you are opossum and then you roll over in a stupor that mimics death. If you have a tendency toward addictions, you can get hooked on these chemicals and hence the term: thrill junkie. Thus, you find the highest risk takers to be most fearful people. (That little nugget of information will come in handy some day.)
Any person who handles animals will tell you that a frightened animal is dangerous. They will lash out at anyone and anything. So will a fear based person and the person they are most likely lash out at is not the one who shares their fear base but the person who doesn't because there is obviously something wrong with them and they need to be hurt. You must be punished and made to feel as awful as they do. Remember, you can't reason with them.
So, that is where the whole let's help the damaged souls went wrong. Instead of learning to cooperate they grouped together. They also multiplied their kind faster as they had no idea how to cooperate with the planet and maintain a balance ecosystem. Eventually they developed fear based religions. God will punish you. You must wash you hands fifteen times before noon or you are unclean. They needed these rituals to keep the fear in check enough to function. Unfortunately, some of them began to function and wonder why they needed to keep washing their hands. The leaders of the fear based majority couldn't let that happen because all those fear based bodies made a nice safety net to keep them from getting hurt so they needed to find a common enemy before their protection took off and frolicked in the woods.
The enemy was easy to find: anyone not like them. Eventually that started to wane because too many of the not likes started looking like them. So they needed a different protection from this fearful world and that protection became more and more material things. If they had all the material things, the followers can't leave because the leader controls every aspect of their life including food.
Return to our black cloud of need. By taking things away from you, you have to be beholden to them to get some of the things back you need to survive. If I take your house, your job, your money, you will have to come to me to get more to survive and I will have you as my friend and my wall of protection. These little black clouds are totally incapable of dealing with those of us who generally say f you and the horse you rode in on. I'll slap you silly if you ever show up near me again. Most of the people they are taking from are also fear based so they easily fall on their knees and give up their freedom and possessions just to gain security from the little black cloud, never realising they are actually the source of security for the little black cloud. Thus, their energy feeds upon and feeds this ball of fear that attracts more fear seeking security at the price of actually having to be responsible for their own security.
Now do you understand why we are in this mess?
I have no answer as to whether it can be turned around. I see things from a more than global perspective. I am what has now been called a Chaos Talent. I see all the possibilities stretching out in front of me like coloured threads, entwining until there is one brightest and largest thread which is the most probable of all the futures. BUT, all that has to happen is for one thread in that bundle to snap or one to pull to another side and the whole future line becomes corrupted and turns into something else. That is the best way I can explain what I see as a psychic.
For years I have seen one black thread wrapping itself around futures, but it didn't seem to have any real affect. It was just there. Now, it is showing itself as a bundling thread that is pulling all these futures together. Normally that brings a natural disaster. Now, I am not so sure. I am not the only person who understands how things really work. There are many on the fear wagon that understand it really, really well. They have succeeded in staying on this side way beyond what should have been allowed and amassed power and wealth simply because they understood the principles of reincarnation and eugenics, all things that have been banned by modern religions as " evil pagan beliefs". Always ban what may defeat you. It would be the height of stupidity to assume that as we gather to generate what we think of as positive energy and understanding, that the other side does not have equally well trained individuals meeting to generate fear.
There must always be balance. All things seek equilibrium one way or the other. Let's not push mother earth too far or she will fix things for us and we will have to learn to cooperate with her or perish. However, the fear based may well be saying it is better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven. They may well understand the other dimensions as well as I do and be carving out their little niche to reign in right now. Too bad the rules are different there......

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