Saturday, April 2, 2011

Forecast for Sunday, 04/03/11

It has been a busy day and I am exhausted. You can't survive without customers but at the same time, they are work quite frequently when you happen to be the "psychic" and one too many readings throws you into exhaustion before you know what hit you. George is just  now learning that all these years, I have not been spending my day with my feet up. Retail is hard work when you are chief cook and bottle washer.
The good news is that my stash of wheat grass seeds just "appeared" in Ra's room. I mean like "poof". Anyway, I can now get the cat and potential chicken grass started and seed the back lots or rather, I sent George out to seed the back lots. The iguanas will be soooooo happy!

Today's Tarot Card is the High Priestess. Today is the time to look at the Spiritual and Karmic aspects of your life and the things going on around you.

The New Moon is at 10:32 AM 13Aries30. Since Mercury is retrograde, it is better to begin to finish all those unfinished projects. I guess I had better get knitting on the protection bag I have half finished in my little bag I carry around....

There is so much energy trying to escape today it is pitiful. Unfortunately, an opposition to Saturn in wavering Libra that can't make up her mind, keeps you from focusing the energy and you wind up rebelling against restrictions and authority. However, by afternoon, you see a way to make money and in fact, could even win a prize.
An aspect lasting about a week brings sudden surprises, fires and strokes. So get your blood pressure checked. Make sure all the appliances are turned off before you leave the area. And enter that drawing.
A second aspect pretty much shreds that last nerve you had going as every time you move forward fast, you trip over your own shoe laces. Tempers are going to be short so if you don't want someone to bite your head off stay aways from the positive attitude will get you anything speech. Believe me, you don't want to experience what that speech will get you!
A day where everything is either in opposition or conjunction can be a roller coaster ride and that day is today!

I bought a good product last night. It is Sally Hanson's new super fast dry nail polish. It comes in really great shades (I went for the celery green.) and a triangular bottle. There is a learning curve with this and unfortunately, I fell off it a couple of times. The brush is triangular and it delivers one thick dollop of polish. Now, I thought it would never dry and tried to put less on the nail by smoothing it out. Just let it be. Two strokes and you are finished with the nail. It dries within a minute even that thick and doesn't require a second coat. I am super rough on nail polish and so far, 24 hours later, there is not one chip. That is a world record for me even with a professional manicure. I highly recommend this product. It is worth the 4.95 price.

Yesterday I read an interesting article that said money was an addiction to some people and they totally lose sight of the effect of their addiction on everyone else. That tied into a previous article where the upper 1% was quoted as only feeling secure if they had at least 7,000,000.00 in liquid assets. What you do with that much money, I am not certain.
That spoke volumes in Janice Land. Just think about the person who looks in the mirror at 87 pounds and thinks they are fat. They see a fat person. They are willing to starve themselves to death to reach a mythical goal of slimness they passed 30 pounds ago. They don't care how this obsession affects anyone around them, most of all, the people that love them. They MUST lose more weight. This is not a addiction. It is a mental illness.
Now, consider the addict that seeks their drug of choice because it makes them feel good to the detriment of everyone and everything around them. That is an addiction. Losing weight doesn't make the anorexic feel better because they can never lose enough weight. But a couple of pills does it for the addict until the high wears off and they need a couple more.
Money is not an addiction, it is a mental illness. If you simply can't get enough of something even when you are in a room full of the substance you are not an addict, you are very, very sick and these people are very sick. They have lost touch with the rest of the universe. The only thing that exists is money and winning no matter what the cost. For years, we have rewarded that attitude as CAPITALISM. It is not Capitalism, it is a mental illness. Capitalism is an economic theory based on supply and demand. These people lost sight of supply and demand and now they only have their demand.
This is like some of the big corporations that have bought their way into power. Take the Koch brothers and their companies. True, this is my personal opinion, but I never bought any of their crappy products. I have nothing to boycott. I wouldn't spend my hard earned money on that stuff. I haven't bought a GE anything in years because they are over priced and poor quality. The cheap Chinese light bulbs lasted longer. This is not capitalism because there is no demand for cheap crap. So, they play games with the IRS, their stockholders and everyone else. They spend a fortune cutting corners, outsourcing to cheaper labor markets and replacing the workers with automation to jack up their bottom line which is falling like a rock because they make cheap crap and no one wants to buy it! All you have to do is walk in and promise to make them a million more dollars and they bite on the hook like a hungry shark spotting chum. They are sick and they have created a really sick economy and an even sicker bunch of children poised to inherit their position. The bad news is they just took you down with them.....The inmates are running the asylum and you are locked in the basement. Now, let's vote on whether you think they are going to remember to feed you while they are rolling around on a bed of big bucks that is just never big enough. Your move.

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