Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Your Forecast for Thursday, 04/28/11

The Salamander will be pretty much closed today because we have a class we are taking on wire wrapping jewelry. Things return to normal on Friday.
I have 4 zucchini and 2 cantaloupes that have come up in my garden. My poor lemon tomato has pretty much kicked the bucket. The heat down here really hurts the fancy and heirloom varieties. However, the hot peppers are going wild. Yes folks, it's hot peppers gone wild. The haberno is starting to take root. The cayenne is producing peppers like mad and the unknown long hot banana pepper is producing peppers longer than it is high. The lavender is blooming. The rosemary has taken root and is starting to grow fast. My front mail box bed is HOT!
The Homestead tomato is almost out producing our ability to eat them.

Today's Tarot Card is the Seven of Pentacles reversed. A windfall of money is headed someone's way!

The only aspect today creates a restless night. However, the Moon is Void of Course so things will not go as planned.

George is accepting all pots and cutting you might want to just leave in the parking lot. He has actually run out of pots! This place is going to be GREEN and you know it was a virtual jungle before.

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