Friday, April 8, 2011

Your Weekend Forecast for 04/9-10/11

I have never missed a day of the forecast except when the whole net went down around here. I think in 39 years of professional life I have only cancelled one appearance due to illness. In general, I am very dependable and yet, I have always been the first one out the door and always by a "friend" stabbing me in the back. And then, I got blamed because they have no friends. What you do comes back to you at least threefold. Stab people in the back and eventually someone will do it to you really well.
The funny thing is just before all of this started a person asked me how some people go through life destroying the lives of others and never get even a slap on the wrist by the universe. I'm sure my real friends have asked that question because I have seen you suffer at the hands of these people. I know it is no comfort, but just wait until the afterlife arrives. I have seen some of the places they wind up and it ain't pretty and it is forever because they never learn. There is no last minute redemption. The sum total of your life is what you face in the afterlife. There is no "lawyer priest" to intervene on your behalf. It is a neutral system of how much positive energy you have built up. The less you have accumulated, the less you rise and the worse the place you get to spend a really long time in. Time is variable there. Five minutes here is a life time there. Crawling up the various levels by your fingernails is no fun. Figure a sneaky way out and when you hit the barrier between layers you get slapped back and get to do the same lesson with pain and suffering. I really do know how it works. I have been visiting the "other world" since the day I was born. After all, I came from over there and will return to there. So, you are on your own. Everyone is on their own. There is no help. Enjoy.

Saturday, the Moon remains void of course until 5:02 PM EDT which pretty much shoots getting much done. At 4:50 AM EDT, Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn. Capricorn is the official sign on governments, officials, and all things ruling. Retrogrades put a severe crimp in those things and since I can't say much more being censored and all....let's just say I am smiling.
An aspect lasting a couple of days, brings rapid communications as people start asking what they are really getting out things and tempers flare easily.
When the Moon enters Cancer at 5:02 PM EDT, the emphasis focusses on home and family and comfort levels. Cancer likes to be comfortable in its shell and it always moves sideways. It also rattles are really big and useless claw when threatened and none of the other sea life really takes it seriously.
The early evening is romantic and very psychic. It is an ideal time to get a psychic reading.
Expect a surprise tonight that threatens your home and family as tensions turn to arguments. Try to keep your cool and think things through before you speak.

Sunday brings overnight dreams of lessons you need to learn. Harsh energy awakens you early and it could be a pipe bursting or the commode overflowing. By sunrise, you know you can't make any changes or the right fixes and you are really frustrated. The frustration level continues to rise into the evening as the "Rube Goldberg" fix looks awful and there is nothing you can do to spruce it up with your existing finances. Call a friend and commiserate because Monday is going to be a BEAR!

Since I really can't offer you a nice forecast for the weekend, just remember, what goes around comes around and often really clobbers those who need it. There was a really good rap by a Congresswoman going around UTube today that she did in Congress and one line just keeps sticking in my brain. Hey, I DID NOT WRITE THIS, I am just quoting it. "You burn down my house and then YOU are upset by my reaction?" You really need to hear the whole thing. This is the first rap I have ever liked. It is also the first one I have ever really been able to hear and understand so that statement is a little biased. My hearing is pretty bad.

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