Thursday, March 31, 2011

Forecast for Friday, 04/01/11

Allysum attracts honey bees wt its
honey scent. Magickally, it attracts
business, money and love.
Happy April Fool's Day, the day we honor the congresses of all states and USA. This year, we gave them their own day, a used one to save money....

As I was reading my latest copy of MaryJane, I realised I had just learned how to make a chicken nappy (diaper). Silently I thought, "I'll nnnnnnnnnnnahhhhhhhhh!" My eyes darted furtively around the room hoping no passing diety was listening, particularly Loki. A little lilting voice said, "AS sure as you know your name, a chicken wearing a nappy with a pentagram embroidered on it will be strutting around the shop." NOOOOOOOO! I have got to learn to not even think the NEVER word because the Universe has a sick sense of humour and I am usually the butt of the joke.
There is a very quiet move afoot to change the zoning in every city to allow home owners to have 6 chickens and apartment dwellers at least 2. I think chickens have a bad rap. They are BIRDS! There is no law saying you can't have a parrot and one of those things can bite your finger off. They also screech worse than a rooster stuck on dawn. They definitely aren't one bit cleaner and I have learned to make a chicken diaper which they apparently wear without complaint. At least with a chicken, you get breakfast.
Folks, we need to be self sufficient. With food prices going up and up mostly due to oil prices and other transportation costs, that little garden and a couple of chickens can make quite a difference. It is time for the urban farm to return and give us fresh, organic food instead of Frankinfood!
I am willing to bet most chicken coops are cleaner than the food court at your local mall. Anyone want to test it??? Notice I am not betting against the bathroom because they tend to be cleaner than the food court. Seriously, I trade you a couple of tomatoes for an egg and we are both happy and I have really, really good tomatoes! George is out trying to catch some fish. Every time he settles down on the bank, the fish eating birds show up. The canal is full of turtles and all of them think he has come to deliver dinner. So far, not a single fish has been caught....

Today's Tarot Card is the King of Cups and the Empress reversed. I have gotten these cards before. A fatherly man is going to be explaining how it is in your best interests to cut everything back and accept less. The answer to that questions is: "Right about the time you do."
Now I have to say something. There are enough resources available for everyone to get an education, eat, have medical care and a roof over their heads. Heck, our abandoned military bases could house our homeless population instead of rotting. We have tons of food stored that is going bad. The same is true for medication and medical equipment. We could equip an entire series of hospitals with the medical equipment that is thrown out because it amortized off the accounting sheets at hospitals. All this goes to the DUMP. So when they say you need to settle for less because of some mythical deficit they created, tell them to do with a lot less. They spent it. They can pay the bill. Let's ship all of them to China. I'm sure they have a sweat shop they can put them to work in for the rest of their lives. We do not have to settle for less! We are the ones getting up before dawn, working our butts off 7 days a week just to meet our bills, keep a roof over our heads and eat. They are the ones perhaps showing up at 9 and leaving around noon, running their mouths and telling us what cut back on and I am sick of it. When I see one of them cleaning toilets, shoveling dirt or pushing a mop, I will listen. Until then, it's duct tape time.

The Moon is void of course all day and there are no aspects, so this is a day you might as well take off. Nothing is moving. Start your spring cleaning. Finish all those projects that have been piling up or just plain relax. Nothing astrological is pushing you. It is YOUR DAY! Enjoy it.

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