Wednesday, May 25, 2011

As promised...what I saw over 20 years ago.

As depressing as it is, I will tell you what I saw over 20 years ago when pressed to make weather predictions on the old Alan Burke show.

The first thing I saw was a hurricane. It's eye was in the center of the state and the edges extended all the way to both coasts, to North Florida and down to the Palm Beach County. I called it an inland hurricane. Well, that very picture came to pass and we call them super hurricanes now. Previously and at that time, no hurricane had survived coming inland more than 50 miles before dying and none ever emerged from the other side. That all changed.

The next thing I saw were super storms, covering more than one state that were spawning huge numbers of tornadoes. Need I say more.

The next thing I didn't understand at the time, was a HUGE tornado with gears turning inside of it grinding everything in its path to splinters. I didn't realise the gears were my mind interpreting multiple tornadoes within one huge one as that was IMPOSSIBLE, at least until this week.

All three things have come true.

The next things I saw were revealed in a series of visions with a guide.

At first I thought I was seeing a series of bridges going to small islands and also to nowhere. I now know I was seeing the expressways surrounded by ocean because the sea had risen.

The ocean was a funny almost fluorescent green color and there were no waves. Workers in uniforms were trying to extend parts of the "bridge" to reach isolated islands of houses. There were no boats because nothing floated on the "ocean". I asked how the houses became isolated and the answer was that sometimes the ocean came in and didn't go out again. There was no answer as to why there were no boats.

One of the workers fell into the "ocean" and was screaming for help. No one was moving and I started to reach for the man. My "guide" held me back and said it was more merciful to let him drown. The ocean was totally toxic, nothing lived in it and nothing survived touching it.

There were no waves and no there was no wind. It was hot as Hades, well over 95 at all times and I was assured this was the "cool" time of the day. There was no rain. As I was moved back overland it became apparent that only a few huge trees that had tapped into what was left of the aquifer had survived and some weeds. Most of the people lived in hovels on stilts just in case the ocean came in at night.

The rich lived in large homes on the artificial hills that were created walled in with levees. The homes seem to have lawns until I got closer and saw it was astroturf. That was when I saw all the hedges, small trees and flowers were silk. The house I was looking at had an empty swimming pool that the teenage daughter dived into and I thought she was dead for sure. However, the "swimming" was using huge blowers that kept her off the ground and provided a current to "swim" against. As I went into the house, it was totally open air, no doors or windows. Inside on the north side, there were "sleeping tubes" that were "air conditioned" so they could rest comfortably at night and during the day. There were no animals, dogs, cats, birds or even insects. There was nothing to eat.

As we left and went into the culvert where the silt houses were, I noticed everyone seemed to wearing a shirt of a specific design and color and grouping together by that designation. It is only now I realise those were guild shirts and you could only work if you belonged to a guild. The people in the house "owned" two guilds and it was their shanties that were allowed to be built in the culvert below the levee that protected the house, out of sight.

There was a little girl who had pulled herself to the edge of the stilt house porch to watch for her parents coming home. Her grandmother was taking care of her. My guide was surprised she was allowed to live as he assured me that only the able bodied were allowed to live and work. Usually "damaged" children accidentally fell into the ocean when it came in at night.

I asked if this future could be stopped and the answer was: "Probably not. You are too far along the path." That was before anyone said global warming existed.

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