Thursday, May 5, 2011

Your Friday, 05/06/11, Forecast

We will be closed next Thursday night for a class. We have to close around 5 PM to get ready.
I think I finally have enough sorting boxes for all the beads and findings and I have a fantasy of finishing all the sorting tomorrow. Notice I am not delusional enough to actually believe it will happen.

Your Tarot Card for today is the Two of Cups. Some of you will get a marriage proposal. The emphasis today is on home and family.
Romantic dreams and sweet nothings whispered mark the over night hours. Good financial news arrives in the morning. Your energy really peaks in the PM.

The Moon goes void of course at 4:12 PM until 10:32 PM EDT when she enters Cancer and the emphasis really turns to home and family. This is a great weekend for those home improvement projects so get your supplies early because everyone else is going to have the same idea and you know how slow those checkouts are!
Over night dreams are very psychic and very, very romantic. This is a great date night!

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