Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Your Thursday, 05/19/11, Forecast

I got snookered. I saw these two cute little birds on the hedge at the bank and was making friends with them. I figured because they were small and totally fearless, they must be babies. I even had George leave them some food. Today I discovered they are BUTCHER BIRDS. Yes, they are fearless. They impal thier food on thorns and barbed wire and then butcher it. Some times they have a whole fence full of food waiting like their very own pantry. The little devils can even pick up snakes and small birds. They are also really cute.

The Cosmic Salamander is closed on Thursday for a knotting class. Now, I have to warn you, when studying macrame, I tied myself into a plant hanger and had to be cut loose so this may have been one of George's really bad ideas.

Today's Tarot Card is Judgement. Major decisions loom today and cannot be reversed.

I almost forgot, Napoleon has review of the new Fage Greek Yogurt singles. "Do you know how hard it was to get my head in that half moon shaped container??????" He loved the yogurt but was not happy with the container. I had the Strawberry and Goji berry and let's just say, so-so. Probably will stick to making my own with fresh fruit.

The Moon is Void of Course from 10:17 AM EDT to 4:16 PM EDT when she enters Capricorn. You should be nestled in your cubicle before it hits and it will be over before you leave BUT the whole work day is pretty much shot! When the Moon enters Capricorn things take a somber if not depressed turn. People want to be alone, really, except when they decide to butt heads with you.

An aspect lasting a couple of days brings good news about property, money or possessions that you may have thought were lost to you to Water and Earth signs, particularly Taurus and Pisces. Something you were sentimentally attached to returns to you.

The morning starts with rapid expansion and  I have to warn you, that can also mean getting gas. Just make sure you takl a wait and see attitude because something that sounds to good to be true is just so much hot air. After lunch, you will be irritated that you are trying to work and everyone else seems bent on having a good time at your expense. By evening you will just not be certain what is going on and you may finish the night with an unpleasant surprise from elders or authorities.
For about a week, social invitations due a lot to heal old wounds and rifts, so plan that party and invite someone you want to reestablish contact with or make amends.

Our illustrious Goobenor decided to spend close to 10 grand today to put his name on the signs welcoming people to the State of Florida. I am torn. On the one hand, the first sign proposed: Welcome to the Corporate State of Florida a wholy owned subsiduary of the Oil Industry, Insurance Industry....and so forth was going to cost a fortune because just listing our top owners was making it bigger than a billboard and would require a huge amount of reinforcing to keep it from falling over in a 5 mph wind, not to mention the need for that gigantic crane to hoist it up there. So this plan is saving us money but I am really worried about the accidents when people see his predatory smilling bald head on the sign and try to make a quick Uturn to get our of here.... Then again, he could have saved us money, stomped his ego centric self down and left the signs the way they were....It is rumored we will be putting our own signs up that say: Welcome the State of South Florida not to ever be confused with the State of North Florida which has all our tax dollars.

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