Monday, May 2, 2011

Your Forecast for Tuesday, 05/03/11

Let me start off my saying that you WILL have to call an make an appointment for a reading today (Tuesday) because I have bookings.
Now, for an announcement particularly for my Twitter fans. If you have been wondering why I am not answering, I have been wondering what the Hades you are talking about. It seems someone has put up a website: thetarotlady and most of my fans have it confused with me. I have been Tarotlady for over 20 years on the net and this site DOES NOT BELONG TO ME. I AM NOT THIS PERSON. You will always find a REAL PICTURE of me on my sites except for Facebook which was taken over by Napoleon but I have told him I may have to put my picture back up. That is a line drawing on 'that site" and may bear no resemblance to the person who owns it. For you all you know, it is some cigar chomping old man in his bathrobe. I have been public for 39 and you can find pictures of me all over the web at all ages. I have nothing to hide. I have nothing to do with that site. My sites are:, and

I have sorted beads until I think I am seeing crystals dancing in front of my eyes. I had no idea I had collected so much over the last 15 years. i even found some blue and green polished kyanite that I am itching to make into something.

Today's Tarot Card is the Hermit Reversed. There is little point in advertising today as no one is paying attention. Stay home and organize yourself.

A night of tossing and turning over dreams that seem to enhance your limitations and in which nothing worked, leads to general tiredness and finally you are sort of costing along. This is a day free of aspects and also with a void of course moon starting at 2:51 AM EDT and continuing until tomorrow afternoon. So, you really can't get up to speed or get much started. Finish projects and putter around.

The New Moon is at 2:51 AM EDT in 12Taurus31. This 28 day period is one in which to solidify all things. Work on finances, budgets, and your property. This is a good period to start home improvements. Buy a CD if you can afford it. Work out an investment strategy that is Very Very conservative.

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