Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Your Forecast for Wednesday, 05/25/11

This pocket sized leather
book of shadows is perfect
for your teen wiccan.
It's only Wednesday!!!!?????!!!!
What a day. We picked up a spirit infestation from a customer and have been exorcising and warding the place. I watered all the plants and was drained by the mosquitoes. Tomorrow we get the solar mosquito zappers for the Faery and Dryyad Garden and the healing garden.
New stones are put out. Ever see Caramel Jasper. It is a lovely caramel color. I have some Malachite, Turquoise, and some Orthoceras from Morocco. They are fossil stones and only polished on one side so you can get the full effect when wire wrapped against your skin..
Aside from that, I feel like I have been run over by a truck.

Today's Tarot Card is the Three of Pentacles reversed. Nothing you do today is building for your future.

We have two major aspects lasting about a 7 days each. Ideas come fast and you have to note them or they are gone just as fast. Jealousy, greed and stubbornness hit the old wall of limitations and general irritation because you can't get things the way you want them occurs.

Today, energy is high in the very early morning hours but so is frustration at not being able to get things the way you want them. This going to be a bad hair and mismatched sock day. Then to put the cherry on that, I look like ....., in comes a social invitation that requires you be there an hour ago. Hey, you might want to not answer the phone. In the afternoon people are talking just to hear themselves talk and the Moon goes void of Course at 2:15 PM EDT further confusing things. She will remain void of course until tomorrow night.

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