Thursday, May 19, 2011

Your Forecast for Friday, 05/20/11

We had a fantastic knotting class with Wanda over at Michaels in West Deerfield. Considering I didn't tie myself up once, there may be something to the world ending on Saturday.....Anyway, George made his very own bracelet that turned into an ankle bracelet with a huge scarab bead. I was a bit more conservative as you can see. Next time I need to make it a lot smaller so if you have a large wrist or a small ankle...this is for sale.

Today's Tarot Card is the Sun reversed. Egos are trampled upon and it would be best to be very humble today if you want to succeed.

A Major Aspect lasting a couple of days brings news of change from elders, authorities and the Universe in general and the news is coming really fast and furious. You really need to take notes on this transit lest you miss something you will need to know later. Since all the planets are in Earth Signs, water signs may have a little problem with this transit. People are less interested in emotion and spirituality than the practical applications thereof.
Another transit lasting at least a week or more brings the impetus for major changes but the change is in authority, leaders and governments. It also moves earth so be alert for any tsunami or earthquake alerts. If all your animals start running in one direction, follow them!
Communications and energy is very high overnight making it hard to sleep but you absolutely must keep track of your dreams. Important messages are contained within them. The answer to how to make the changes you know must be made are there if you pay attention to the signs. By mid morning you are not interested in anyone telling you that you can't have something better or prettier than what you have and you will tell them so in no uncertain terms. Then the major aspects take over for rest of the day, evening and night and as the old song goes: "the times, they are a changing."
Well, it is time for the old Druid to call it a night. My eyes are tired from all the close work and Napoleon awaits his nightly snack.

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