Sunday, May 15, 2011

Your forecast for Monday, 05/16.2001

It is impossible to not read the ads on the sidebar on FaceBook. We should stop spending and cut programs immediately because we are mortgaging their children's futures. Okay, let's start with FEMA. Hey, while we are gutting social security, education, medicare and health care, why not??? I see no reason why my kids futures should be mortgaged because someone didn't buy flood insurance or house insurance and lives in a flood zone or tornado alley. Why should I pay to patch them up after one of these floods or tornadoes if they can't find private health insurance? My kids shouldn't have to pay for their health care or medicine or clothes or food if they don't have the foresight to duck or run. Not my problem. Go Tea Party. Let's spend those tax dollars where they should be spent, helping corporations make money and maybe the Koch brothers will give you a coupon for some paper towels for your flood clean up because I sure ain't gonna.
Hey, either government gets out of your life and shrinks down to nothing and you handle everything or you try voting for the people who put these social programs in place for when people get into trouble. Since you already made your choice, have a nice day and remember, snakes do like rising water. With no health insurance, medicare or medicare, you sure don't want to get bit 'cause that antivenin is $600.00 a vial and I won't be letting them use my tax dollars for those socialist health care programs. Go GOP.

Today's Tarot Card is the Knight of Pentacles reversed. Money flow tightens and you don't get what you expected to get.

You had some great ideas last night on how to make changes. Now reality sets in. Major aspects lasting a couple of days bring a lot of social invitation but if I were you, I would make sure there is no admittance fee for these events before I showed up and didn't have the money. People are going to be deliberately vague so ask point blank how much this is going to cost you. The answer may floor you. You may also find the hat unexpectedly passed at events so blending into your surroundings is not just for chameleons.
Another aspect lasting the week really has romance in the air and your heart on your sleeve. Just be careful be careful because this aspect can also attract stalkers.

I learned something interesting today. When the garden department at Lowes closes, the Geckos come out and take over. They were suddenly all over the sidewalk grabbing bugs and playing.

The Full Moon is tomorrow and the Full Moon brings higher than normal tides so beware.

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