Friday, May 6, 2011

Your Weekend Forecast for May 7/8, 2011

I have had a busy and stressful day. Today we had to deal with the financial whatever the heck they are. I think I need a shower. I started to take one of their free give away bags and then I thought, gee what a perfect way to advertise I might have money, please mug me. I left that on the rack. Then in a continuing effort to make certain we can not get our hands on our money, it will take a week to clear the check and they don't seem to have any way to transfer money out of the account except to wait for them to print checks and mail them to us. By then, I am going to owe everyone and his half brother. Okay, deep breath! Stick pin in George Bush poppet. Ah...that feels so much better.

Saturday you may awaken early with an old wound kicking you in pain centers and an emotional upset. The good news is by breakfast, you have the problem solved, the lesson learned and you won't do that again.
However, by lunch and changes are a push/pull affair that winds up with nothing happening. By evening just how badly it isn't going to happen.

Sunday starts off with you feeling really good and degenerates from there. Even though it is Mother's Day, I humbly suggest you avoid your family. Even pleasant social events in the afternoon turn into arguments as harsh words are exchanged a little too fast and finally the end game: arguments over money and what belongs to whom.

Remember, the Salamander is open late on Saturday. Come by and see us.

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