Sunday, May 8, 2011

Your Forecast for Monday, 05/09/11

Hope all you second class citizens in Florida had a Happy Mother's Day. Sen. Bob Graham, who I have always admires, stated that this Florida Legislature has pretty much undone over a 100 years of legislation to benefit the people of Florida. Of course, no one is mentioning that they have timed all this legislation to take effect in 2013, so you will notice no changes at election day on key issues. That way they can claim they really aren't as bad as they really are.
That reminds me of the cats and my Mother's Day gifts. They tried to pass a hairball off as art. Then they left me a dead Palmetto Bug on the sink. The only good cat in the house is Napoleon. He was laying next to me doing his purring and look at this act as I read the paper. Finally I noticed he was trying to point out a whisker he had left on his black side. I put it in a special tube. Hey, it was the only gift that didn't require cleaning up.

Today's Tarot Card is Judgement. Major decisions have to made today.

The Moon is Void of Course from 2:52 AM to 5:32 AM EDT and fortunately most everyone will sleep right through it!
The Moon enters Leo at 5:35 AM EDT and all the world becomes a stage. Just try to not kill each other over the spotlight.
The morning starts on a deceptive note and you are mildly irritated you aren't getting the whole truth. By lunch, there is a pleasant surprise awaiting you but over doing it will have old wounds reopening by mid afternoon. An elder or authority who refuses to budge an inch sends you home in a very bad mood. Just don't translate that to road rage and watch out for everyone else on the road.

For a couple of days, social invitations pour in, talk is going a mile a minute and you just can't seem to escape to that quiet place. Enjoy it. It is harmless.

I am very close to finishing the sorting of findings and beads so I can get to work. I have learned a few things. When doing an initial sort, bead/not bead is not the best way. When sorting findings, never wear a magnetic bracelet. You will have findings flying everywhere. You will never buy enough containers. When you finally finish and think you are going to put your feet up and label everything, you will find another bag to sort. And so goes the great finding and bead sort. No, I am not finished.

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